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 Hard disk partition software

Hard disk partition software

Generally buy a new computer hard disk partitions are not very close their own requirements, the software will not have to worry about the hard disk partition C capacity is too small problem, hurry to pick a partitioning software!

Pqmagic (disk partition magic)
9.0 Chinese version
6KB download
Pqmagic is the best use of the hard disk partition software, can not destroy the absence of data on the hard disk partition.
Pqmagic 8 Chinese version

6.2M download
PowerQuest PartitionMagic (partition magic) is a good hard disk partition management tool
Acronis disk Director Suite
V10.0.2160 simplified Chinese version Chinese
77.2M download
Acronis produced a powerful non-destructive disk partition tool. Acronis disk director suite is the latest version, support win7 system. You can use it to change the disk size, copy, mobile hard disk partitions without data loss.
AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro
The free version of V5.2
3.1M download
Easy to use and disk partition management software free, stable, with the help of it, you can implement lossless data resize, move partition position, copy copy disk partition, and other operations, is a rare partitioning tool
Ao Mei division assistant
2.6M download
Free, powerful disk partition software, with the resize, move partition position, convert NTFS to fat and many other functions
PTDD partition table doctor
3.5 the official version of the green
788KB download
PTDD partition table doctor can check your hard disk partition table disease repair partition table error, can edit each parameter partition table
Adds lossless partition tool (Acronis Disk Director)
11.0 crack version
181.4M download
Lossless (Acronis Disk Director) partition software download, nondestructive and strong drive partitioning software, support win7 system, allowing you to easily adjust the amount of disk space
DiskGenius (disk repair tool)
V4.3.0 Free Edition (32/64)
8.4M download
Disk partition and data recovery software, support for GPT (using the GUID disk partition table partition operation). In addition to basic division establish, delete, formatting and disk management functions, but also provides a powerful search function partition functions have been lost, deleted file recovery, incorrect formatting and partition the damaged file recovery.
Partition.Wizard- hard disk partition magic (64 bit support system)
V5.2 free home edition
7.5M download
Partition Wizard Home Edition (Home Edition) of the common user is completely
UD partition delete tool
1 Green Edition
121KB download
To format the disk, remove the USB UD hidden partition, reduced to only one partition
Disk partition repair tool (CheckDiskGUI)
1.15 Green Edition
857KB download
A professional hard disk error, repair tools, functions such as: physical error recovery data readable, scanning hard disk repair, logical file system error
EASEUS Partition Master
11.1M download
EASEUS Partition Master is a free hard disk partition tool, it runs in the windows system, rather than DOS, so you can use it very easily in the graphical interface, you can also use the web search in trouble
OsGhost (disk partition key backup or restore)
3 Chinese version of the green free
3.4M download
OsGhost the procedures for the green software, is used to partition a key backup or restore
Hard disk partition management tool
4 English version
8.5M download
EASEUS Partition Manager helps you to configure and manage the partition. You can delete or format
Check the mobile phone EXT partition tool (Ext2explore)
2.2.71 version of the green free
3.6M download
To view the Linux system under the Windows ext2/3/4 partition is not easy. The Ext2explore can meet this demand
Gdisk32 GUI (hard disk)
V1.3.2 Green Edition
1.3M download
Gdisk32 GUI (partition) Liangpeng community development Gdisk32 GUI partitioning tool is based on the Gdisk32 ( hard disk partition tool running under 32 bit system
Win7 hidden partition tool
8.7M download
Containing crack window hidden partition system, general crack tools can break system with hidden partition
Repair tool exFAT disk read-only partition format
The 1 version of the green free
641KB download
Repair exFAT partition read-only, unless the system prompts "U disk file or directory is corrupted and unreadable" or is not recommended for U disk repair using this tool
Aomei Partition Assistant Professional Edition
4.1M download
The main functions include: resize / move partition split partition, merge partitions, create partitions, partition copy, clone hard disk partition sign, conversion, distribution of free space etc.. Support Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 (SP1) / 8 (x32/x64) system
Modify the partition tag tool
The 1.1 version of the green free
33KB download
Modify the partition tag tools run automatically when the activation of a variety of common hidden partition modify partition tag is many tools have the function
Paragon Partition Manager
12.0M download
Paragon Partition Manager is a set of disk management software, the green version of a single file, easy to carry U disk!
Virtual Partition Magic
V4.76 Green Edition
462KB download
The current hard disk capacity has been increasing, without careful planning, then after a period of time to re partition is very
PartitionMagic (disk partition magic)
V10.0 Lite version
12.2M download
Has finished into Chinese, can re partition on the hard disk, the loss of data in the hard disk under the premise of the existing format partitions, partition, partition, copy move hide / reproduce from any partition, partition boot system, convert partition (such as FAT<-->FAT32 <-->NTFS) is the structure of
DiskGenius (disk repair tool)
V3.7.1 free installation of Version (64Bit)
3.9M download
DiskGenius is a disk partition and data recovery software. Support for GPT (using the GUID disk partition table partition operation). In addition to basic division establish, delete, formatting and disk management functions, but also provides a powerful search function partition functions have been lost, deleted file recovery, incorrect formatting and partition the damaged file recovery.
MiniTool Partition Wizard
(disk management software) 7 Green Free Edition
10.0M download
Partition Wizard Home Edition hard disk partition management software is a powerful. Let you enjoy the rich functions: adjust and move partitions, copy partitions, disk copy protection data, create, delete and format conversion and explore partition, partition, hide and unhide partition etc..
ExFAT partition data recovery |D-Recvoery (For exFAT)
1.1 crack version Chinese
3.7M download
The main function of D-Recvoery For exFAT include file recovery, format recovery. The exFAT file system support
Hard disk partition encryption |BitLocker Drives Unlocker
The official version 1.1
150KB download
BitLocker Drives Unlocker is used to partition encryption tools, if some places with important information or privacy files in the computer hard disk, so the use of this software is very suitable to drop
EASEUS Partition Table Doctor
The perfect green version of v3.1.0
2.7M download
Can automatically check and repair your MBR, partition table and partition boot sector error, can restore the IDE/ATA/SATA/SCSI interface hard disk FAT16/FAT32/NTFS/ NTFS5/EXT2/EXT3/SWAP file system
Hard disk copy tools (MiniTool Drive Copy)
4.7M download
MiniTool Drive Copy- hard disk copy tools, hard disk data replication tool, can be a copy of the data in the hard disk drive to complete other
See the hidden partition
(win7 automatic activation modification)
46KB download
Modify the partition tag tools run automatically when the activation of a variety of common hidden partition modify partition tag is a lot of tools have some functions, see win7 hidden partition view drive hidden partition tool download.
Free installation of version 2.05
238KB download
A hard disk management utility software, it can easily manage your computer hard disk. To establish the basic partition, logical partition on the hard disk, and can format the partition.
Computer disk doctor
3.5 Chinese version
780KB download
The computer partition doctor Chinese version download, the computer can automatically check the finished version of the doctor partition your hard disk partition table, repair partition table error. Allows you to set the parameters of each partition table, also let you see in the hidden partition, partition, partition scanning
U disk / partition encryption / boot disk creation tools (UdiskHelper)
The 1.2 version of the green free
1.9M download
A custom software designed for U disc. It can achieve U disk partition, encryption, and boot disk
The virtual hard disk master
The 2011 free installation
548KB download
The virtual partition, everything is simple, without professional knowledge, no need to backup data.
Hard disk partition assistant integer
V1.0 Green Edition
151KB download
Hard integer partition assistant through the software, can accurately calculate the required partition space size, support NTFS and FAT32 two disk format calculation
Partition Assistant
(disk partition tool) 5.2 free installation
2.7M download
Full disk partition tool
Gdisk32 a key partition
The free version of 10.09.12
2.3M download
A Gdisk32 partition is based on the Gdisk32 ( 32 system running under the hard
Gdisk a key partition (disk partition tool)
10.02.13 Green Edition
2.4M download
A Gdisk partition is based on the Gdisk ( of 16 hard disk partition system running under
The "Fdisk" step by step through the hard disk partition diagram
(CHM document)
483KB download
Hard disk partition is not complicated, as long as you follow the Fdisk drive through graphical step icon at every step, can learn quickly!
OO PartitionManager (hard disk)
V3.0 Chinese version
6.8M download
O&O PartitionManager is a disk manager, the main features include: can not loss
Playing under the hard disk partition of integer calculator
(partition) 1 free installation
48KB download
Playing under the hard disk partition integer calculator can help to accurately calculate the hard disk partition.
Zhuo master boot updater partition
4.7M download
Android Android brush master boot partition update is currently very useful auxiliary tool, this tool is run on the PC side, specifically for specific population development and design. When the HTC mobile phone to brush into the BOOT file, or need to update the BOOT partition
Hard disk partition of integer calculator free installation
275KB download
Hard disk partition integer calculator, guaranteed integer partition, partition to help you calculate the input size.
Virtual partition software

442KB download
The virtual partition tool can create a virtual partition, supports all WINDOWS system, green free plug-in, only 33KB program

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