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What is Vagaa, it is the official website of www.Vagaa.com?


VaGaa wow honk , is a P2P software, VaGaa our website: www.vagaa.de. VaGaa supports eMule and BT download, dedicated to Internet construction and operation, to help the public enjoy broadband Internet brings convenience and shortcut. Whether it is movies, music, animation and games, TV programs, just download and install Vagaa wow honk. At present, www.vagaa.com cannot access the official website , VaGaa , for unknown reasons. Now VaGaa our new official website is ww.vagaa.de


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The characteristics of Vagaa:

  • Vagaa Its main features are as follows:
  • (1) the most popular resources: the new film, the most popular animation and game; the most popular music, absolutely live television; can search a variety of language resources worldwide; on-demand, online watch movies and animation support; which can help identify the authenticity of the documents.
  • (2) multi protocol search: search engine, search more resources; unlimited parallel search request.
  • (3): eMule, BT download download; optimization network download, suitable for office, home users.

Comments on the Vagaa

  • Vagaa uses a lot of people, but the industry of its evaluation is not good.
  • 罪状一:修改自开源软件Shareaza却不遵守Shareaza所要求的遵守的GPL协议。
  • 罪状二:践踏P2P精神、破坏电驴(emule)游戏规则。
  • Three counts: QiShiDaoMing, irresponsible!
    Four counts: CPU large consumption of server resources and bandwidth, will lead to the blockade of the country
  • 五、内容粗俗、低劣,实为低级趣味内容的源泉!