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 A key root

A key root

In fact, root is going to brush, believe that the use of Android mobile phone friends are used Ann machine a key tool root , A key root 360 , Mobile uncle a key tool root , A key root Z4 Professional root brush machine, small finishing a series with a key tool root to help you a fool brush.

The root Wizard
V1.0.9 PC6 Special Edition
2.5M download
Root PC Android mobile phone terminal wizard is a key tool ROOT, integrated multi ROOT engine, HUAWEI, ZTE support Samsung HTC and other domestic and foreign brands, covering more than 300 models Android 2.3- 4.2
Baidu a key root
15.4M download
The mainstream models Baidu a key tool root perfect coverage of Android [2]2.2-4.1, integrated 10 super intelligent Root Root engine is absolutely safe, no risk, Root after the success of authorization management on the mobile phone to make you feel powerful and intimate function
Ann machine a key tool ROOT
V3.1 Green Edition
62.2M download
The machine tool is a key ROOT network currently used on the market Android mobile phone ROOT software tools, the latest version of the update, the full support of the 4 mobile phone system ROOT. Allows you to quickly secure their mobile phone ROOT
A key root 360
V4.2.0.0 official version
4.3M download
360 a key tool root for Android 2.3.6 version of the mobile phone Root, mobile phone will use USB cable to connect to the computer application, exit on the mobile phone, mobile phone will automatically restart after the success of root
A key tool ROOT computer version of mobile uncle
2.4M download
Press the ROOT tool to begin ROOT operation, the process takes about 1-2 minutes, until prompted, shut down and restart synchronization tool. Wait for after a successful connection, according to the prompts
Millet M1 a key tool ROOT
2.1M download
For millet mobile phone version of V4.0.3 ROOT permissions
Ryanza z4root is a key tool root
V1.30 to advertising Chinese version
958KB download
A key tool root (z4root) is a powerful software key to get ROOT privileges. In the future, mobile phone terminal installation z4root click on root, then the mobile phone automatically restart to root, if root is not successful or bug, restart the machine to restore the previous state
Tencent is a key tool root
1.4.0 green version of the official
3.3M download
By the Tencent Inc integrating third party developers collected a key tool root to support more than 110 brands, 1038 models root. Safety, stability, portability, green free installation
ZTE u795 a key tool root
Green version
1.9M download
Go to the download and Tencent mobile phone housekeeper for Android driver, that can use QQ connection to mobile phone housekeeper ROOT. (otherwise it would suggest "the system cannot find the specified path") a mobile phone housekeeper software
Wisdom Book K a key tool Root
1.3M download
Chi K book a key tool Root, Beidou K mobile phone book intelligence testing has been successful through ROOT, can uninstall software
Mung bean root artifact
3.1M download
Mung bean ROOT artifact is a powerful tool to access a key root. The software supports Android 1.6, 2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 4 version of the system, almost any Android mobile phone to get root privileges
ZTE u930root tools
Green version
7.2M download
ZTE u930root tools can get your mobile phone is very easy root permissions and brush into the third party recovery, some of the commonly used mobile phone comes with software can be deleted.
Jyg3 is a key tool root

2.0M download
The production version of JY-G3 a key tool for ROOT will not install MTK driver for oil have been expecting for a long time, ha ha, to recommend to the needy friends of oil
Lenovo k860 root tools
1.3M download
Lenovo k860 root brush tool originally S2 4 tools, but can be tested by ROOT to K860, but one thing is not perfect, is not easy to completely remove ROOT
HTC s710e root tools

5.3M download
Some children's shoes to upgrade the Hong Kong version of OTA, with the official ROM, before the ROOT fails, especially with HTC s710e a root brush tool available for oil 1.29
Nexus 4 is a key tool Root (Google Nexus 4 Toolkit)
The free version of v1.0
33.1M download
The software support for Nexus 4 mobile phone is a key Root, unlock, install the ClockworkMod recovery and other senior operation
An mtk6577 root hot key
SuperSU version
1.1M download
An root thermal mtk6577 a key brush 6577 key support root ZTE V970, G2 official version of a key ROOT, with about 4 kinds of methods have failed, with this method, a successful, do not want to say what, directly on the tool
Gingerbread overflow program can be a key to root
Green version
1.8M download
Gingerbread overflow program can be a key root in the xwki8 2.3.5 test success. Open the debug mode, unzip, run runme.bat, root and busybox will automatically install, to wait for a few minutes
Samsung mobile phone GT s5368 push root Kit
Green version
1.5M download
The first point, I was the rookie standard. When I got this mobile phone, I use black and white screen. Let me find a way, can only be said to be happened to. Yesterday, a group of friends in the chat to see one afternoon. During the period there are many of my friends are successful, some said at the same time several ROOT software. When I was about 1 o'clock this morning, the success of ROOT. I'll write down the following methods, we hope to help.
ZTE n880e a key tool root
2.3 4 universal Edition
20.7M download
This tool is only suitable for ZTE N880E, this root method without modifying the mobile phone recovery, installed only in the program to add authorization management and RE management
Lenovo A60 is a key tool root

6.7M download
Lenovo A60 is a key tool root is also suitable for the Lenovo A65 root, first of all to make sure that your mobile phone can not ROOT before the successful connection of pea pods
Andrews a key tool root
2.3 Green Edition
9.3M download
Andrews a key tool root download, support Android2.1 to android2.3 mobile phone system, the new version supports Android version 2.1 and below, a key to get root access
ZTE n855d a key tool root
Green version
4.3M download
ZTE root n855d a key tool to have a lot of shoes all pro test success if yo, tried a lot of software are not successful if you try this, your success is a necessary tool of brush machine
Samsung Galaxy series is a key tool root

1.1M download
Samsung Galaxy series is a key tool root, N719 N7100 N7102 I9300 has been tested successfully
Kingroot PC version
8.7M download
Kingroot PC user computer terminal access to mobile phone ROOT privileges, can be a key to get on the market most of the Android 2.2 - Android 4 permanent mobile phone root privileges, the perfect support for more than 65 brands of 400 models of mobile phone
Master ROOT
4.7M download
Simple key ROOT software, mobile phone! That can be the perfect support for Samsung, HTC, SONY, HUAWEI, ZTE, Lenovo, Coolpad 1000 models, 2.1 from Android to Android 4.2ROOT master to help you solve
V1.3.4 Green Edition
9.5M download
Eroot is the country's top root team developed a free root tool. Root is the mobile phone industry but now have to catch up with the bright younger generation, the previous trend. We currently support Samsung, Motorola, HUAWEI, SONY, most of the models of HTC, the total number has more than 200 models
Perfect root
The official version of 1.0.3
14.6M download
ROOT is the perfect perfect brush under a universal mobile phone Android ROOT tools, the original twin engine ROOT scheme. And support for Samsung, HTC, SONY, Google brand several thousand models a key ROOT, and with the removal of ROOT and automatically install the driver function

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