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 The printer software reset

The printer software reset

Reset refers to reset the motherboard chip count again, when the first set count number reaches the value of cumulative chip chip, the printer will not work for counting chip reset, clear after you can continue to use.

Epson stylus R230

772KB download
If you are using a version of the software Chinese cleared, the printer will be painted R220, then you will not be used, you need to brush it into R230, this time is to use English version of the software has been cleared
Canon iP1880 software

4.8M download
The software will automatically detect the printer, IP1880 corresponds to the IP1800
Canon iP1980 software

4.7M download
To IP1880 the waste ink cleared, then use IP1880 ink zero waste software
Canon mp259 software
Chinese version
596KB download
The "Main" key to the waste ink counter reset (printer on a piece of paper and print out D=000.0, said zero success)
Epson ME1 clear software

709KB download
With the maintenance of the Epson ME1 reset software can also apply to EPSON StyusC41sx/c41ux/C42sx/C42ux/C43sx/C43ux/C44ux and C45/C46/ME1 printers adjustment
EPSON EPSON printer software reset
2.4M download
Here is the EPSON R210, R200, R220, R230 universal printer ink clear software
Me1100 reset software

1.6M download
ME1100 reset software, inkjet printers often waste ink is full, is to be cleared, the pro test available
Canon ip3680 software

133KB download
Canon ip3680 software to run before the first printer connected to the computer, and then can use this software reset. At the same time can also be positive, counter clear ink etc.
EPSON Epson l101 software reset

3.3M download
EPSON Epson L101 reset software, looking for a long time, pro test is available, so everyone is free to share
EPSON ME300/330/360 clear software
Of course Chinese
704KB download
ME300 and ME360 Chinese original cleared procedures - can be used normally. Free of charge to a friend in need. To save money, don't need to go to the customer service toss. The compressed package is also attached Chinese tutorial
EPSON R390 software
Free version
4.6M download
Many online EPSON R390 software fees, this software is completely free so you can rest assured that download compressed package in the tutorial, you can not look at the tutorial and clearing operation
EPSON me33 software
The free version of v1.0
3.1M download
EPSON me33 printer software can help clear the cache so as to prolong the service life of the printer, the clear software is free, you can rest assured to use, not cleared friends can read the following methods of operation
Canon mp288 software
Chinese version
190KB download
To power off the printer, installed 3 A4 copy paper to the printer, and then prepare the printer in the state of repair
Samsung 4200 clear software

5.3M download
This paragraph is clear software Samsung 4200, 4300, 2241, 2240, 2245 general clear software download after decompression, open the software and then choose your printer model and then follow the prompts to complete the operation can be cleared
Canon MP198 software

4.0M download
Canon MP198 software can effectively clean up the inside of the printer printer buffer, a total of 1472 nozzles (320 black pigment, yellow / magenta / GREEN: 384 * 3), now on the market price of about 600-700 yuan
EPSON 830u software

590KB download
EPSON 830u software is also suitable for Epson 820u, although the two printer has been discontinued, but I believe there are still a lot of friends in the use of the higher price of the printer.
Samsung 4300 clear software
V2.3 full version
17.1M download
Samsung 4300 clear software is also applicable to other models of Samsung printer, when you use the printer model to select the corresponding clearing operation
Epson stylus L200
3.3M download
EPSON L200 software main program for AdjProgcracked.exe, download after decompression procedures can be cleared to open the printer. If your printer prompts "printer parts have to service life" can use this software reset
Canon 2780 software
V1.0.7.4 Chinese version
147KB download
Canon 2780 software is a green version, compact file, no installation can be used to reset the printer because the memory is not enough, need to be cleared up before they can play the best effect
EPSON Office70 software

962KB download
Cache garbage EPSON Office70 software can effectively remove inside the printer, the printer to re release the memory, like a computer has a memory easily, when not put other things can be put to delete some other documents
EPSON T50 software
V1.0 Chinese version
834KB download
EPSON T50 software can maintain printer with a long time or what fault occurs, but also Chinese version of Oh is very convenient. EPSON T50 printer is a 6 color inkjet printer
EPSON R290 software

567KB download
The EPSON R290 is a truly clear software can use free software and printers are also cleared, our mobile phone or computer memory in the factory with the capacity limit when it reaches saturation when there is a need to be cleared, the children can be downloaded for free
Canon ix4000 software

136KB download
Canon ix4000 software is a professional color photo printer, if the printer cache capacity is full will be cleared in order to achieve the best printer printer effect
Canon ix6580 software
V2.0 Green Edition
188KB download
Canon ix6580 software supports all the Canon inkjet printer is cleared, the "EEPROM" key point (if the error point can be determined, such as 002, continue to step second) Note: if 006 is wrong please close other USB devices
EPSON L201 software

3.3M download
EPSON L201 software is free version of the crack for a long time before success. In the first open the software before the printer ready: (make sure the printer driver has been installed, make sure that the printer is connected, must only connect a printer that you need to reset
Canon PIXMA iP1000 software reset

123KB download
Canon PIXMA iP1000 clear software: IP1000 is a very classic models, with
EPSON 1400 clear software
V1.0 Green Edition
1.5M download
EPSON 1400 clear software can solve the printer lights flashing exchange, the system prompts the components to service life problem. Why is the printer to be cleared? When the printer prompts "components to service life is the need to reset
Canon 4880 clear software

131KB download
Canon 4880 clear software containing instructions, the computer must find new hardware reset software can only be used before use, unplug the other USB devices, the use of it may affect the software
Canon E500 software
4.3 Chinese version
868KB download
"The best computer only connect a printer. Need to put into the printer maintenance mode, in order to use the software reset

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