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 Qvod player

Qvod player

Qvod player (also called NORA) is a domestic independent research and development of quasi video on demand (QVOD) core, multi-functional, personalized player software. Nora integrates new playback engine, video on demand technology not only to support independent research and development; and is free of BT software, users need only a few minutes to buffer the direct viewing of the rich BT film and television program. Nora has the low resource consumption, simple operation, high efficiency, scalability and strong features, make it become the universal player currently popular.

Nora (QvodPlayer)
The official version of V5.12.138
34.5M download
Nora qvod integrates new playback engine, universal player, the player is a man
Nora 5 Lite
The official version of 5.8.130
6.4M download
Our "QVOD" is not only a player or a good download tool, Xiaobian recommended here our old version of the 5 version of the line, only the size of less than 5M. A lot of good
Nora 3.5 upgrade
Enhanced version
3.8M download
Our 3.5 enhanced version has low resource consumption, simple operation, high efficiency, scalability and strong features, Nora 3.5 become currently the most popular universal player, this is Nora 3.5 upgrade version, if you still prefer the old version to download this.
Nora 5.0 never upgrade
5.0.80 head version
2.3M download
Convenient and fast 5.0.80 never upgraded version, download speed is fast, but also can play blocked sites
Nora IOS enhanced version of | broadcast version of apple
22M download
Our computer used should be a lot of friends, intelligent mobile phone on the broadcast you used no, green resources network Xiaobian this is to provide you with the apple version of nora. Support iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (third generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad compatible. Requires iOS 3.2 or higher.
Our mobile phone version of qvodplayer
23.2M download
Nora Nora player mobile phone qvodplayer mobile phone version of this version, beta, somewhat bug, so you can submit the report found in the software, write down the mobile phone brand models and firmware versions can! Also, the radar can search within a certain range around our shared files, hey, everybody knows, and pay attention to protect their privacy
Nora Mac version
5.7M download
Nora Mac version supports Mac X 10.6 OS (Snow Leopard) and above system, can also run on the Safari plug-in version 5.1.7 and above, Chrome or Firefox
Nora (qvod) user environment detection tool
1 Green Edition
763KB download
If it is slow and fast, you can use this tool to detect whether P2P is limited
QVOD fast skin bag

2.6M download
Nora player skin, you'll love a
Nora QMV Transcoder (QMV transcoding tool)

2.6M download
Support QvodPlayer special format transcoding technology independently developed fast QMV transcoding tool -- QMV Transcoder, QMV Transcoder (QVOD) is our own intellectual property QMV video file format (the suffix ".QMV") transcoding tool.
QVOD server resources

2.6M download
The QVOD server (Qvod Server) is an on-demand webmaster / resource owners use the server software. Release of the program source can give ordinary users including Qvod Player, network player.

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