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Asked how to kill the Mobile Games Mobile Games asked God how to play

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ask the way Mobile Games has been received by the game player favorite since the line, so how to kill God? Here the green resource network of small as we bring asked Mobile Games kill specific rules and skills of wealth sharing, love friends do not miss yo!

Asked how to kill the Mobile Games

 Asked how to kill the Mobile Games

The play

The side also has 9 small strange, respectively for the smart mouse, dog, and Kung Fu Dragon type *, the main content is to help clean up the challenge around him in spirit. In addition, the challenge in addition to other small animal Kung Fu Dragon is not beyond the ability to attack, so don't have to worry about the problem of death.

It is important to note that in the mouse to clean up game player Choice A single skill, because if the catheter into the pet dog, the next round of wealth will cast obstacles and skills, a hundred percent hit. As for the money it is *, affect the amount of reward the more wealth * injury, less reward. The challenge for a total of twenty times, as long as careful not to injure, basically no what big problem.

The difficulty to kill Ares is relatively small, but there is still a difficulty, the side of a total of 9 buildings, but it is the lieutenant of pet dogs, rats and ELF like * type, of course this is just the first round, the difficulty is still relatively small, because these pets can release the lethality is not strong. Game player in the first round to death is not simple, only need to pay attention to Kung Fu Dragon on it.

 Asked how to kill the Mobile Games

May be a lot of buddies in time to kill the God of wealth also noticed, a mouse to kill is difficult, when there is no automatic battle mode moves the killing ability, then suggest using game player manual mode, and use a single skill to attack the elves in, remember not to hurt other pets. The second round basically wealth will use disorder skills, may have very strong power, game player must pay attention to supplement qi and blood. In the process of killing the God of wealth, may see a lot of game player is *, be careful not to hurt the greater the damage type *, then the reward will be reduced more. There will also be the death penalty in the process of killing the God of wealth.

The above is the Green Resources Network Xiaobian to sort out a slew of specific rules Mobile Games asked the God of wealth and skill sharing, love friends must not miss yo!

Key words: asked, asked.

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