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You how to add their skills Mobile Games Qingcheng Qingcheng Mobile Games skill.

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" Online "A lot of game player in Mobile Games when just entering the game do not know what, you have occupation Qingcheng, is one of the Mobile Games in occupation, is a martial art, here the green resource network of small as we bring you Mobile Games Qingcheng Raiders, do not miss yo!

How do you Mobile Games Qingcheng

 You how to add Mobile Games Qingcheng skills

The occupation of magic collocation

The outbreak of the main stream: Magic dagger + Longque Ring + Taiyi boots

The main weapon not only hurt burst table control skills are relatively large, with Dragon Bird ring auxiliary, can make output in an instant explosion. This set of PK is especially effective, if a set of skills do not go with the enemy, then drove away immediately Taiyi boots!

Tanks: the main weapon chain knife + + from scale Zhong Zhen Xian flag

This set of collocation applied to copy anti strange, group control skills plus the main magic damage reduction pull hate from scale clock, you can firmly pull mobs, at the same time can also be reduced auxiliary array Xian's injury. The forging weapons mainly for main and auxiliary magic weapons, equipment and mounts, and forging the required material is also a brilliant gem and gem light.

In the forging process, from 0 to 3 the success rate of 100%, forged 4-6 success rate were 60%, 40%, 25%, forged 7-10 success rate were 20%, 10%, 10%, 10%.

 You how to add Mobile Games Qingcheng skills

The weapons and equipment forging to above 4 level can have a streamer effect, and with the increased degree of streamer effect strengthen, weaponsmith to 10, Qingcheng can get stars and smoke effects, this effect is a good act weapon oh.

"You Mobile Games" forging brilliant light, the gem drop rate is quite high, and God can increase the success rate of forging titanium crystal is lucky. After all, it is possible to increase the success rate of the 5% weapon, and "you" in order to make Mobile Games group who can enjoy the game player game experience, extra lucky lucky the titanium crystal props, each crystal can increase the success rate of 10%, is not feeling more +10 with extreme ease it?

Forging system is available in most game player's favor, because +10 really become easier, it has to +10 to the past, "hang" on the visible Mobile Games forging system upgrade is effective.

Explain you Mobile Games Qingcheng point method

The explosive super, agile, pay attention to surprise the enemy instantly.

Occupation orientation is melee assassin, short-range damage output, the main attribute is agile.

The above is the Green Resources Network Xiaobian to sort out their weapons on Mobile Games Qingcheng advanced Raiders, love friends must not miss yo!

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