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How to use our Xunlong Mobile Games Xunlong make use of Chu

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Chu Dragon to have what use? Xunlong order is essential props to Changbai Mountain and some hidden place, by opening the dragon to find specific coordinates. Has just started to make the dragon game player may obtain and effect is not very understanding, this green resource network small as we bring to the method to get the Dragon Chu, love the game player not miss yo!

So what is the use of our Dragon

 How to make use of our Dragon

Don't be Valley dug rotten

I buried the horse dug very angry, then I dug to dig treasure dragon and then I get someone else to dig, sin a sin. The Buddha will be matched to the. Buried 8 hours of income is not high, about 1/10 increase. I have not buried directly to the buddha! Dodge has a dragon that this kind of thing is simply insane, don't encourage others to steal. Can be dug...... My sister did not return after the buried Valley kill several people (although she felt a wave of fire), but I had stolen antiques.

If the Buddha was dug, the hatred. Have not heard of who had been dug underground, Central Plains, Jinling underground was dug rotten. How to get to our Mobile Games Xunlong?

Something, something to follow the dog on the way, have the opportunity to get the dragon. After use can be found antique burial point.

The above is the Green Resources Network Xiaobian to sort out the relevant action about Chu dragon and the way to get love, friends must not miss yo!

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