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Ragnarok ro dancers how Ragnarok ro skills.

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Ragnarok Online Ro game has many characters for the game player Choice Game player, you can freely choose their love of the people has just started the game player of the game characters who could not quite understand in the game here, green resources small as we bring Ragnarok ro dancers equipment collocation selection detailed, love the game player not miss yo!

Ragnarok ro Raiders.

 How about Ragnarok ro.

Professional information

Dancers, branch occupation after a turn belongs to the archers, archers, according to the role of Gender is different, can transfer a poet and a dancer.

Dancers, can use a bow, can also use the whip weapon, but only when using the whip, can use the playing skills.

The whip belongs to long-range weapons, dancers skills also belong to remote attacks, so eat Deputy Nero, and a bow and quiver to enchant.

The transfer point addition quality of dancers is agile.

Who belongs to the auxiliary occupation, skills in the skill of the ensemble and the poet must match. (not Lily or stirring base)

The whip is 75% small arms, for body size 100%, 75%.



Crab: flat bow meow A leveling can be used with marksman clothes, can make the system stable job hunters. Magic reperfusion crabs can also use the bow fighter. Recommend.

The mystery of the arch - flat A leveling can be used, can make the system stable job hunters. After the infusion of magic can also use the bow chasers. Recommend.

Blazing Angels bow - with holy attributes, can be applied to kill and dark attribute monster. Recommended play the corresponding attribute strange.

Because after Luna Luna arch arch is in ascending order trap Skill Bonus, dancers in the corresponding trap skill before three RPM are not available, it is not recommended to use. (three turn after the vibration echo can enjoy the bonus, the

Summary: Generally speaking, ADL hunters and hunting weapons can be general bomb, magic weapons can be used after reperfusion. But it is important to note that the core weapon bird curse of the wolf hunting bow is not used. Non occupation transfer directly using the hunter whip in one step, after all, the late play indispensable whip.

 How about Ragnarok ro.


Meteor - now turn before the whip dancers can use weapons only, dream of rock production, refining +5 can be added to a physical attack, L-order after injury is very considerable. +10 provides maximum life after refining 15% addition, belongs to the survival to weapons. After using the recommended hole, ascending order, refining +5. 10 openings. Recommended.

The secret of love -- a bloodthirsty MVP whip drop, belonging to the output to the weapon, but because only three after the turn, so not to consider. 5 openings.

Summary: when playing only use the whip, so that if you consider when playing or auxiliary output people to use a whip, whip meteor now made cheap, +5 and opening costs are not many, belong to the relatively high cost of weapons. The attachment is the new secret whip MVP fall, now yield is not high, and only three after the turn, so not to consider.


The bracelet - provide remote physical damage for 15%, and the daily output to hang Daguai damage is considerable. Recommend。

A shield -- such as wind, water, and fire damage -25%. At the time of GVG can effectively reduce the damage. Full order +10 can also provide additional magic defense. Recommend。

Life magic book -- can reduce the mana cost of skills but at present, rise with higher cost of order 8.

The ascending order and high - power Dekor is refined, can provide considerable SP%.

Rose Ji wrist round - ignore physical defense +25%. If we consider the use of skills break time, you can use.

Summary: for daily PVE to recommend the use of Nero bracelet. For PVP and GVG to recommend the use of static shield. Some people will ask why the use of rose is not recommended, who belongs to the auxiliary occupation, need to consider the output with morale and count to enchant cloak, sacrifice a part of survival equipment, the long run, is not worthwhile.


Gorgeous costumes - exclusive armor: the poet, MVP phantom Knight drop. 5 openings. High scouring can provide harm reduction. In the GVG performance, can effectively reduce the damage. Recommended.

Meteorite armor - frozen, vertigo +50%. Can effectively reduce the GVG effect of vertigo. Recommend.

The marksman Hunter clothing -- can be used to transfer, transition armor, A output can be used when flat. If a bow enchant can effectively improve the efficiency of hang daguai. Recommend.

A plainclothes - tight plainclothes 3 order can provide 8% physical attacks, the price is not expensive, conditions can also provide the corresponding physical attacks with inserted card. Recommend。

 How about Ragnarok ro.


The Bard's Cloak - survival to cloak, is the only special cloak. But there is no refining effects, so you can consider starting a cheap price in the late, do not rule out after opening up the order. Recommend.

Output to cloak shirt. In fact, after this cloak rise with 8 order, there will be a dodge attack conversion effect, but the ascending order price is more expensive, if not a good enchant if not particularly recommended.

The output to cloak cloak. In the new version of high scouring can provide more physical attacks and% of attack power, but the price is unconventional, if not already have this equipment, not recommended.

Firm Cloak - the traditional cloak to survive. To provide a large number of attribute reduction. In the new version, can effectively prevent the magic skills trap force no attribute. Recommended.

Summary: at this stage, if you hang up, suggestions about what to wear, there is no need to spend big price to refining and upgrading. GVG, or suggest that the gods enchant cloak.


Firm survival to traditional boots shoes, can provide a lot of blood, and at the same time the firm cloaks and suit effect. Recommend.

Anti magic boots can provide considerable relief after anti - magic damage shoe premium sandals. Recommend.

Dance shoes - shoes: exclusive, when +5 and +10 can reduce the hurt in playing, now boss fall, yield is not high, the price is not yet stable, is not recommended at high scouring. But after the price is stable, can prepare a pair of. At the same time and gorgeous costumes and set effect. Recommend。

The teddy bear boots shoes to output. When dexterous reached 225, can provide 3% attack, but the upgrade or order the price is more expensive, if not have, is not recommended.

Bunny Slippers: survival consumption reduction to shoes. It provides a large number of SP recovery colleagues, with life magic book full order can also reduce the cooling time, but the price is more expensive, if not have, is not recommended.

Holy symbol -- to the output of heavy boots shoes. By the treatment of addition and bow%, but the upgrade or order the price is more expensive, if not have, is not recommended.

Summary: at this stage, hang up when suggest what to wear. GVG, recommended use blessed enchant. At the same time, suggestions for a pair of dancing shoes, the follow-up is likely to open the upgrade.


The moon, the moon brooch brooch L-order can provide a large number of SP, for either daily or up GVG are good, the new order also provides dexterity and intelligence. Recommended.

Fox - Fox Necklace Necklace L-order can provide a physical attack, and sprint skills can also help move fast, recommend.

Strong body strong body Necklace Necklace -- can provide more physical attacks and physical quality in ascending order, but need to get high scouring life limit, cost is high, if not already have, not recommended.

Summary: in fact, choice of jewelry can be more, but only write the three because it is more representative, one of the most cost-effective or the moon brooch. Use the proposal with tough enchant.

 How about Ragnarok ro.


This Beret D adventurer unlock headdress, physical attack 5%. The output can be used when. Recommend。

Mead hjalte vending machine - guard helmet union suit, needed for credit, high scouring can increase frost resistance, at the same time and vending machine masks and glasses suit effect. Recommend。

Feather - Gryphon drop Beret drawings. Provide the hominoid damage reduction 10%. Making cheap, can be used when there is no vending machine set. Recommended.

Summary: the head of the choice of many, but generally speaking both classes, PVE used to survive to output and use GVG. But the same as the survival to the headdress, vending machines are set, the long term, should also belong to the growth of the hair, it is recommended that a condition vending machine equipped with high refining.


Dragon - half dragon grain fall, 10 smart 5 intelligence, can provide output to the quality attributes of the main. But the drawings are expensive, if not already have, not specifically to make recommendations. Recommend.

Goblin princes mask: Goblin boss, can provide people with type 30% damage reduction. The drawings and production are very cheap, recommend.

Mead - Union vending machine hjalte goggles suit, needed for credit, high scouring can increase the resistance of petrochemical, and vending machine masks and glasses suit effect. Recommended.

Summary: the face of the headdress but also has a lot of choice, but still recommend using GVG vending machine set, ditto.


Chuijian: grass drop. Making Timothy (Saturday B cat drop) smart +4, +5, +10, +15 refining, +1 +2, +3 smart respectively. Belongs to the output to the mouth jewelry. Recommend.

Nail masks and assassin rogue - advanced two RPM occupation headdress. Who can provide 5% reduction and 5% type with injured people. Recommend.

The angry mouth - elder brother Sergey boss. Humanoid damage reduction +5%, refining per +1 humanoid +1% reduction, can be increased to +15%. Recommend.

Mead hjalte vending machine - protection mask union suit, red net mask. Each refining +1, silencing resistant +2%, +5 refining, +10 refining, +750 life; life +1500; +15 refining, +3000 life.

Summary: the daily recommended to hang Daguai marksman clothes or tight clothes, from the price, a price higher in plain clothes. GVG, recommend the gorgeous costumes or meteorite armor, in order to reduce the damage or negative effect.

The above is the Green Resources Network Xiaobian to sort out about Ragnarok ro dancers equipment collocation selection detailed, love friends must not miss yo!

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