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How to play Ares Ares fox virus virus task Raiders play fox

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Ares virus is to end of life as the main theme Mobile Games Adventure In the game, game player through their ability to find resources to survive, survive finally win the game, is a very important branch of shotgun tasks in here so where is Ares virus, silver fox, silver fox Ares virus? Then follow the small series with a look of silver fox skills. Ares virus!

 How to play the fox Ares virus

The Ares virus play fox:

Silver armor is high and fast moving speed, volume is about 6600.

First of all is to let him down

Second, high armor silver fox with ordinary weapons basically did not move, for high armor, with flaming arrows this kind of arrows, armor weapons only, and strengthen the mace than the arrow more provincial resources, fixed effect is bleeding, bleeding and no armor.

 How to play the fox Ares virus

Ares fox play virus preparation materials:

1. four (Superspide drop blueprint) spider trap

2. a strengthening mace (Downtown villa on the upper left corner of the search, krypton gold directly come nouveau riche)

The first step, two are placed on both sides of the table in the spider trap

The second step, with strengthening the mace chasing him play

 How to play the fox Ares virus

The third step, probably when he had more than 2000 blood spider trap will disappear, this time with two traps left up.

Step 4, continue to chase play, play for about ten minutes of fox will die.

The fifth step, he picked up a shotgun on the body, to spray bone bow.

The above is the Green Resources Network Xiaobian to sort out the relevant skills on ares virus fox detailed on survival Adventure game Interested friends must not miss yo!

Key words: Ares virus, Ares virus.

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