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What is the sole QQ Speed Mobile Games glare QQ Speed foot glare how

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QQ Speed is Mobile Games transplantation from PC on the racing game, the gameplay is very cool, game player can feel the thrill of racing in the game. Recently, some see the soles of the feet in the glare of the props in the game player, but I don't know how to operate. Here the green resource network of small as we bring QQ speed Mobile Games foot glare gets to let you Raiders game characters more cool? Just look at it!

 QQ Speed foot how glare

The sole glare

As a sole glare only at present, called step by step lotus, this foot glare is very good, but the way to get there are still some difficulties, is not for sale, but through other ways to get.

QQ speed Mobile Games foot glare how to get it?

 QQ Speed foot how glare

Want to get the sole glare, we can add a strong team, the team is the best in the platinum diamond Dan section, because this is the sole glare team to obtain, our team of Dan is high, we can get the soles of the glare.

Our team reached platinum Dan, can receive 30 days of step by step lotus, and our team reached the diamond Dan, we can receive free of charge to permanent step by step lotus students.

The difficulty of obtaining the sole glare or some, after all we a strong team, are the needs of a certain technology, no good technology, will be more difficult.

The above is the Green Resources Network Xiaobian bring about how to get the QQ speed Mobile Games foot glare, don't miss it, it can let you step by step on the lotus, halo oh!

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