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Good sync (file synchronization tool) v10.9.6.6 the official Chinese Special Edition Goodsync crack version download | Good sync (file synchronization tool) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Goodsync Is a very good use of the computer file synchronization tool that supports multiple file types of synchronous backup operation, file management A variety of functions to share data upload. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

The Goodsync software is introduced

The famous GoodSync- file synchronization backup tool, GoodSync can synchronize backup data and files between any two computer or storage devices, not only can synchronize the local hard disk files, but also synchronize data between specified LAN machines, but also can remote FTP server data synchronization. GoodSync synchronous backup work will not produce redundant files, two-way synchronization or one-way synchronization can filter the existing file, eliminate redundant files.

 Good sync crack version download

Goodsync crack version features

1. easy to use and intelligent

Click the mouse, update the worry, confusion to go without a trace. Most importantly, can enjoy all of your financial documents -- with a calm mood. Archives. Email. Contact information. Digital photos. Apple.MP3 music song, no matter what the data, you can easily synchronize and backup, everything is under control.

2. in a variety of driving equipment between automatic synchronization and backup

Whether it is a desktop computer. Portable notebook. Web server or external drive device, whether through the local area network or the Internet, as long as your important documents, can automatic synchronization and backup. Through the use of innovative synchronization algorithm -- GoodSync will become a leader in the field of synchronization in the next few years.

9 of 3.GoodSync GoodSync's own client server protocol, direct computer provides computer synchronization, replace the SMB and AFP protocol, provide block level incremental replication.

4. file synchronization tool GoodSync can achieve simultaneous conversion of two computer or between the computer and the U disk data and files. With this tool, you can backup U disk data in Pass2Go or other documents to a personal computer's hard disk. GoodSync is a file synchronization and File backup The software, it can walk on your desktop computer. Notebook computer automatic synchronization between the external drive.

5.GoodSync automatic synchronization and backup between desktop computer, notebook computer, external drives, FTP, FTP, WebDAV, Amazon The S3 server and Windows Mobile devices for email, photos, financial documents, MP3 and other important documents.

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First, Hubei Shiyan Unicom users guests Published: 2014/10/10 17:38:16
Can also file synchronization, backup, awesome.

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