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Qing Yu sword pick code official version of v20180216 assistant Green Edition Qing Yu sword pick code assistant 2018| Qing Yu sword pick code assistant official version The score: 8

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Software introduction

In 2018 the Qing sword rain pick code assistant Is a very good lottery selection tools. The main function of software is to help improve the rate of winning lottery number selection, and can be a very good number Statistics Analysis and forecast, help to select good lottery lottery numbers. Quickly download experience!

Qing Yu sword pick code assistant introduction

[Code] rain sword pick assistant function the most comprehensive and most detailed! "Set", "pick code statistics", "analysis", "live" lottery prediction, "memorandum", "lottery record" and many other functions in one. The assistant can replace the lottery work code selection and statistics, the kill code cumbersome in traditional paper, can quickly and effectively help the lottery completed more tedious work. The assistant for the lottery to save paper, save time. Time is money.

Clear rain sword pick assistant 2018 function code

Pick 1. yards:

Choose which one project is the item number to kill. If you want to kill a Zodiac zodiac, the words can be directly click the number on the front page of the.

Kill code, code: input: the input number must be two digits, and the number must be separated by spaces or other characters, character etc.. Support full digital. For example: 01020304 05 three 06 four Ma Li 07$*/%... @ $&08 format. Support directly after the kill code or paste the code.

Total: for many times or the number of energy-saving effect.

Note: the first need to kill code or code to paste the contents here to kill Shaw or kill other items. Otherwise it will conflict.

2. statistics:

Copy and paste support. To support the traditional "Longma", full digital "06, 08". No fixed format, just need to project can be separated from the statistics, such as the single big red & $@ red double, 2 head, 2 head etc.. Note: number must be two digits.

Statistics, support brackets content filtering. Support 14 bracket types: [] (initial) () "" "" "" []{}<>, "" "" {}.

3. analysis and forecast:

With the analysis and forecast (single and double, size, and Shawei, beheaded kill Shaw), see lottery date function.

Method: good lottery date (or click "modify the day before and after a day"), then click the "analysis and forecast".

4. lottery live:

Support 3 channels at the same time live. Support for custom lottery.

Modify the lottery site operation steps: "set in the lottery. The lottery." - - "save"; "did not make any changes to close".

5. memorandum:

If the memo content has been changed, please click the "save" button to save.

Right click menu: first in the memo Choice Part number, right click, and then click the right key menu ". The selected number is displayed in the code." pick on the front page, the selected number can be displayed in the pick code on the front page.

The memo: "open the automatic backup function automatic backup function, each save a memo, automatic directory backup software in the original memorandum. No longer afraid of losing important data! You can always see the contents of the previous memorandum. When the backup file, the user can delete.

6. lottery record:

In previous years, to have the query code, number, date, year lottery record function; with the updated online lottery record function, update failure or error, can be restored to the previous backup lottery record. You can customize the font size, color lottery record, click after the entry into force, if you want to permanently save the font color, the size of your love, please click the "save" button.

The query method is as follows:

(1) query. Number: input four bit instructions, you can query the ball 6 to open a sequence of records.

Such as "P106" said the first code is open to query the data on the 06;

"P518" said the fifth number is open to query the data on the 18;

Note: P is lowercase letters, P1 is first P2 for the second number, number, and so on.

(2). The query code: enter the two digit code, such as "08";

(3). The query period number: enter the three digit number, such as "018, 118";

(4) query. Date: enter the four digit date as January 8th, enter 0108";

(5). Check the year: enter the four digit year, such as "1988, 2014".

7. number attribute:

You can view all types of numbers.

Software settings

 2018 clear rain sword pick code assistant

 Qing Yu sword pick code assistant

 Qing Yu sword pick code assistant version 2018

Update log

V20150208 update:

[1.] statistics filtering content supports 14 kinds of brackets, brackets type: []) (initial) []{}<> ("" "" "" "" "" "{}.

The new number 2., five Zodiac behavior modification.

V20141108 update:

1. boot speed optimization software.

[2.] to adjust the background color lottery record.

[3.] default lottery record shows only a basic project. If you need to display detailed items, please [settings] software, tick "lottery records show the detailed project", and "save".

4. amendment not found error when lottery record file.

5. amendment to query the data error.

Editorial recommendation

Decompression password: www.137844.xyz

Software screenshot

Download address

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