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Motorola RSD brush machine v5.9 green Chinese version Moto RSD brush machine download Motorola RSD brush tool User ratings: 8

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Software introduction

Moto RSD brush tool It is a mobile phone designed for Motorola mobile users. Brush machine software 。 Users can use this software for brush operation. Built in a rich brush machine package. All can be used free of charge. Welcome to download the green resources website.

Software introduction

The latest version of MOTO mobile phone brush tool supports the latest Atrix 4G and other new mobile phones. It is suitable for all MOTO phones. Theoretically supports all phones that have been listed on MOTO (without excluding exceptions). Because moto's brush machine is pretty stupid, basically you can use the click of a mouse to brush the machine. You need to be cautious about the machine. Please backup your data and start with MOTO. Mobile phone driver Use to avoid failure of the brush.

 Motorola RSD brush tool

Motorola RSD brush machine brush machine tutorial:

1, brush machine: RSD tools

2, driver: the latest 5.5.0 version

3, run RSD (method: press the power button to turn on, when Moto Logo appears, press the volume down button at 2, and you will see three modes. Choice Use the volume down button to select RSD and press the volume key to confirm entry!

4, connect the XOOM with USB line and connect to the computer (the desktop uses the USB interface on the back of the chassis, and the XOOM power is sufficient, suggesting that more than 50%). At this time, the RSD software will automatically identify XOOM.

5, choose the "Filename" behind RSD. Button to find SBF file (file path and file name can not be Chinese);

6, choose START on RSD, start to brush machine, brush machine process, suggest not to operate computer, not to move data line.

7, two or three minutes later, XOOM will automatically restart for the first time, RSD software will appear "In progress..." Continue to wait for the progress of RSD software.

8, in a few minutes, XOOM will automatically restart second times. The restart will show the Logo of MOTO;

7, until the RSD software shows "PASS", the machine is finished.

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