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Motorola flipoutiaudio RSD V5.9 Green finished version Moto RSD brush tool download | Motorola flipoutiaudio RSD The score: 8

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Software introduction

Moto RSD brush tool Is designed for Motorola mobile phone users launched a mobile phone Brush machine software . The user can use the software to brush machine operation. The built-in brush rich package. Are free to use. Welcome to download the green resources network.

Software introduction

The latest version of the MOTO mobile phone brush tool, support for the latest Atrix 4G new mobile phone. Suitable for all MOTO mobile phone. All mobile phone support MOTO theory have been listed (no exceptions). Because the moto brush tool is a fool, only basic mouse click to brush, brush need to be cautious, please at the start of the brush before backup your data and with the latest MOTO Mobile phone driver Use the brush, so as not to cause failure.

 Motorola flipoutiaudio RSD

Motorola RSD brush tool brush tutorial:

1, brush tool: RSD tool

2, driver: 5.5.0 latest version

3, run RSD (Methods: according to the power button, Moto Logo immediately press the volume down key 2, will see three modes Choice Use the volume keys, select RSD, press the volume keys enter!)

4, with the USB line to connect XOOM, and connected to the computer (desktop use case back USB interface, XOOM and adequate power, more than 50%, the RSD recommended) software will automatically identify XOOM;

5, choose RSD Filename"..." The button, find the SBF file (file path and file name cannot be Chinese);

6, RSD START, began to brush, brush in the process, is not recommended to operate a computer, not to move the data line;

7, two or three minutes later, XOOM will automatically restart RSD software for the first time, there will be "In progress..." Words, continue to wait for the RSD software;

8, after a few minutes, the two time XOOM automatically restart, restart the MOTO will display Logo;

7, until the RSD software show "PASS", after the brush.

Software screenshot

Download address

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