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360 master drive 2017 v2.0.0.1270 official version 360 master driver | official download 360 master drive 2017 The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: 360 drive Master drive

360 master drive Is a professional driver to install the update software, Mega Drive library support, a key driver installation, without manual operation, driving examination technology first, make you more intuitive understanding of the state of your computer, powerful cloud Security Center To ensure that you download the driver without the virus, a little faster, a little faster, a key installation and experience upgrade The pleasure of driving all the way to accompany you to master.

360 driver master the latest official version of offline installation package name: 360 drive housekeeper

360 master integrated drive NIC driver Version:

Detection of user computer computer hardware information, as well as the latest and most appropriate use of driver updates and download!

A key to complete all operations, let users happy at rest!

360 master drive:

Driver examination

The first driver examination technology, identify your computer faster and more accurately, computer information at a glance

Hardware identification

The first one to identify fake fake cards, smart hardware, let unscrupulous hardware makers have no place to hide

Plug and play

Really let you experience the plug and play fun, make the process complex installation will be gone, the hardware should be so simple

Precise identification

The online cloud unique technology, accurate driving, driving, let more simple installation

Cloud backup drive

A key backup to the cloud drive, let the driver backup more simple, installation.

The speed of installation

The same software than we speed; the same speed than we installed; the same installation experience; install faster than similar software, more portable

360 master driver update log:

1. fixed some cases, unable to sweep out the problem of the driving

The 2. part of known B repair UG

Software screenshot

Download address

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