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My Eclipse 9 ri It is specially used for activation of crack MyEclipse 9.0 tools. If you do not use, below the myeclipse9.0 RI Xiaobian bring the use of tutorials, for your reference, please download experience to green resources network!


MyEclipse, on the basis of eclipse and its plug-in development into a powerful integrated development environment of enterprise, mainly for the development of Java, Java and EE mobile applications. MyEclipse is very powerful, very broad support, especially for various open source product support is quite good.

 Myeclipse9 ri

Myeclipse9 register tutorial

1, break the public key, make sure the MyEclipse is not open, or failure

Using WinRAR or 7-Zip Open the Common\pl UG Ins\com.genuitec.eclipse.core_9.0.0.me201101251749.jar to the com\genuitec\eclipse\core directory, to replace the publicKey.bytes file

2, crack MyEclipse self checking program file integrity, if not, then the public key crack will cause the MyEclipse self check failed, automatically exit

use text editor Open the MyEclipse file in the last 9 M2\myeclipse.ini, save the following after the two increase (windfall is MyEclipse start faster):


3, start MyEclipse, implementation of myeclipse9_keygen_activator.exe (register), make sure you installed before running Java6

Enter your name in the English register, Generate Subscription Code, then the Generate Activation Code, so the registration code and activation code are generated

The registered user name and registration code in MyEclipse, then activated, Choice Activated with the activation code, to register the activation code in the paste inside, confirm that MyEclipse is activated.

Please limit your spread, I believe that in general, the official version can be cracked, as long as not too many people know, is not easy to break



The master file Myeclipse9.0 official version register name: myeclipse-9.0-offline-installer-windows.exe

Many MyEclipse fans looking for MyEclipse 9 official version of the registration code, in fact from the MyEclipse 9 M2 start, change registration strategy (activation mechanism), but was expert cracked. Cracked steps are more complex than the old version, but absolutely crack.

This break is for study purposes, please do not used for illegal purposes...... XP win7 X86, pro test, some comrades reaction under 64 bit WIN7 register is unable to obtain the ID. system

. Decompression password:

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