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YY voice computer version of the latest version of the official v8.46.0.0 YY voice 2019| official download YY voice computer version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: YY voice YY voice

YY 2019 is also called YY voice speech That is a free instant messaging software. Installed on the computer, can be like QQ The same typing chat, provides voice chat, video call function! Users can also interact online karaoke, spoof dubbing, enjoy a variety of exciting play. Hurry to download network using green resources!

Software introduction

YY voice is gathered era (also known as Guangzhou huaduo Network Technology Co., Ltd.) under a communication software, Internet team voice communication platform based on the powerful, clear sound, safe and stable, does not occupy the resources, good response, free to voice software game player. In the network usually denoted by YY.

The official version of YY voice software features

1. anonymous voice chat, found himself not the same

2. new channel programs, video broadcast constantly

3. personality Association show, to find their own organization

4., voice communication, Hold live every moment

 The computer version of YY voice

Function introduction

Immediate communication

Million people, hundreds of people in the ordinary group capacity has been unable to meet the demand of the guild. Ten thousand people, only this number will help you to guide the association, a xiongbayifang. Don't worry for countless, centralized management more effective, more convenient.

In the YY channel model in K wheat sequence

In the YY channel can play voice, voice on the basis of the administrator material announcement, set to wheat sequence pattern. Visitors and members will be together on wheat and his partner play voice!

Support group and group, convenient management

The personnel within the group were divided into two groups, each group is equivalent to a small group of. Pyramid management architecture, you can be grouped according to the type of membership, the Legion distribution, greatly facilitate the association of personnel management.

The original theme mode

Each theme can be used to discuss the specified content, YY group forum "Post - replies" theme and the perfect combination of model group. Change the traditional group discussion mode, make the communication more attention, attention, and theme can set top essence. Not impossible, only unexpected.

Chat online search of permanent preservation, whenever and wherever possible

The server keeps all the chat, you can on any computer on YY, see all the chat group. Everything is in your hands.

YY voice computer newbie tutorial version:

A, Lianmai Function introduction:

Wheat is even more at the same time to achieve the purpose of speaking on Wheat in the wheat order mode, meet the chorus, chat interaction, drama and other scenes need.

1. I am No. 1 Wheat sequence, how to invite people with me even wheat?

Other people can order No. 1 wheat wheat sequence on invitation together Lianmai invited invited people, by clicking on the menu, "Lian Mai", invited to send Lianmai invitation, as shown below:

 YY official speech

Invited to receive 1 Wheat sequence invitation, as shown below:

 YY voice PC version

Invitees click "accept" Lianmai success; click "reject", even mcfail.

2. I am No. 1 Wheat Lianmai, how do I cancel?

1, even in the wheat wheat sequence state, by clicking on the invitees menu "cancel Lianmai", and the end of invitees Lianmai, as shown below:

 YY official download voice 2019

3. administrators can control Lianmai?

Can the administrator can click through the wheat sequence (except No. 1 Wheat order) menu "and No. 1 Lianmai", directly to the invitees and order No. 1 Wheat Lianmai, as shown below:

 YY voice PC version

The administrator by clicking the invitees menu "cancel Lianmai", directly to end the invitees and order No. 1 Wheat Lianmai, as shown below:

 YY voice PC version

4, I was invited in, even in wheat Lianmai can cancel?

Invited to accept even after wheat was 1, in addition to wheat and wheat even cancel the administrator, can break through "under wheat lianmai.

Two, how to voice?

In determining the sub channel speech pattern under the authority to speak.

You can hold the keyboard F2 talk, can the mouse to click on the bottom Toolbar "in F2 speak free talk mode.

Mouse sign can speak microphone volume adjustment, there will be a green volume appear to success.

You can voice, sound, etc. enhance the hotkey settings in the voice operation console.

Speaking after the success in the current sub channel people can hear you.

 YY official download voice 2019

Three, how to sing?

Singing in the YY, a cappella (can use the voice function itself), but most YY users will use the "play accompaniment of singing, singing and accompaniment to better let everyone hear.

First, click on the toolbar at the bottom of the "play accompaniment" button will pop up Choice What kind of way to play accompaniment.

The current sound accompaniment: computer, for example "in the song, the player / accompaniment accompaniment;

The player (QQ Music): the player / song accompaniment;

Local file: click open folder select accompaniment tracks;

In the accompaniment, do not need other operation, the volume of the volatility and you can begin to sing to the accompaniment. After the concert, remember to click the "accompaniment" stop accompaniment and singing oh!

 YY voice PC version


If there is no current, normal speech, noise Use the mixer - Large noise reduction Operation.

The sound is too small can be enhanced using the microphone.

If you need more high order settings, click the console - Advanced detailed settings.

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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YY is really very good, very powerful ah! Meimei chat artifact, a lot of beautiful women live! I love, ha ha ha, is not pure.

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The first floor of the 137844.xyz guest users Published: 2014/8/31 12:05:05
Okay with this watch live is also quite interesting

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