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Video pioneer xfplay video unlimited unlimited special edition version of v5.0 Video player download | without limit Video pioneer xfplay video version without limit The users score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Xfplay Video player

Video player without limit Is a Video player Software。 Push the massive high-definition video resources hit film, update speed, support a variety of video formats and decoding ability, and supports direct playback BT seed file. Whether it is listening to music or watching television, can bring a hitherto unknown playback experience for you! Love the user as soon as possible to download network resources using the green!

Software introduction

No limit player video is a powerful video player, a collection of DirectShow technology and a variety of video playback Decoder And to meet the needs of different users of video playback. And also launched a special link to play Emule And magnetic link address, the player also has to play BT seed characteristics, called the history of the most awesome video playback artifact!

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Video player software features no limit

1. the bottom edge broadcast side hard solution beyond traditional style.

2. support BT seed file play.

The perfect combination of 3.P2P network and powerful multimedia player.

Video pioneer xfplay video version features no limit

1. independent research and development of the player kernel

DirectShow and DirectSound based on the independent development of the play based on the kernel, with low resource consumption, high efficiency, scalability, speed, superior performance, the advantages of wide format support. Integrated RealPlayer QuickTime, Player and other core player

2. universal playback

With the support of multi format and decoding ability strong, full support for RealPlayer, Windows Media Player Player, QuickTime, video format XviD, Divx and Flash Player support. Support automatic loading various subtitle file. Support automatic loading various subtitle file.

3. custom skin

No limit player comes with a variety of video beautiful skin, free skin. Pioneer 6 ultra-thin flat glass interface to bring you a new visual impact (vista/win7). Skin interface open, you can easily make design for the pioneer, beautiful skin.

4. super decoding function

The hardware acceleration model is the solution of hard HD playback, fundamentally solve the problem of high-definition video playback CPU occupancy. In support of the market most of the graphics. Multi-core decoding, support for the latest CPU instruction set, the maximum enhancement of the soft solution play performance, play more smoothly.

5. super drag

In the vanguard 6 to watch the video file, drag the progress, the point to play, accurate positioning, whether it is online on-demand, or local file.

Video pioneer xfplay

Universal WEB playback controls support all Browser And can any on-demand online media files, which broadcast the bottom edge broadcast side hard solution.

Software screenshot

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