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Gsafer security assistant v1.0.14 version of the official free Minimalist security assistant PE download | Gsafer Security Assistant The score: 8

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Software introduction

Minimalist Security Assistant Is a suitable computer terminal for Internet Security software. The operation is simple and easy to use! The Internet can provide a safe environment for computer users. Chat, Shopping Remittance, more security! Welcome to download the use of Green Resources Network users!

Software introduction

GSafer security assistant is a safe Internet application service. To provide users with the most convenient micro mobile security services, security services to make the enterprise into thousands of households, according to the needs of service in time!

 Minimalist Security Assistant

Minimalist security assistant PE software features

1. convenient: seamless integration with APP

2. share: share a key to social network security experience.

3. is simple, simple and quick with global partners to establish secure network connections

4.: mobile phone tablet to help secure access to cloud data

5. security: the world's top digital encryption technology for transmission encryption

Gsafer security assistant instructions:

1. login security website, set up a proxy automatic configuration script.

The 2. partners run minimalist security aides, provide code to the other partners.

3. input partner security code, open Internet Security service.

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