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Baidu map iPhone version v10.11.6 latest version of Apple's mobile phone Baidu map IOS download | IPhone mobile phone version of Baidu maps The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Baidu Maps

Baidu Maps Apple Mobile Phone Edition Is a powerful Mobile phone map Navigation Software。 For netizens to provide a caring Intelligent voice And the AR navigation service. You can also check online traffic routes, bus transfer query information etc.. In the domestic and foreign large-scale scene information, let you easily navigate travel whenever and wherever possible! Come and download network using green resources.

Apple introduced version of Baidu

Baidu map is the Almighty travel assistant provides you with the Baidu Inc. Baidu map with a new map, have strong ability of planning and route query, support bus, driving, walking three travel modes; support the view of the map, support the rapid positioning. Using Baidu maps, search locations, mass transit, metro Information; search the surrounding restaurants, hotels, banks, medical and other information! Support gestures, bring a smoother experience. More life support search function, catering, hotel million merchants depth information, help control your life.

 Baidu map IOS version

Baidu iPhone mobile phone version of the map

-AR pedestrian navigation, the perfect combination of AR technology and navigation.

-AR intelligent guide, let mobile phone become your personal tour guide.

- car, Taxi , Bike sharing A variety of ways to travel.

Intelligent navigation, Big data The recommended operation route, to avoid congestion.

Intelligent voice, interactive new experience, more simple operation.

Indoor map covering more than 4000 large Shopping Center.

POI (global map - a total of 140 million points of interest).

Star navigation voice, on a journey together with Yang Yang "date".

- explore the surrounding various life information, different scenes more recommended.

- International complete global coverage, launched in 209 countries and regions, detonated outbound market.

 The apple version of Baidu maps

Baidu map IOS version of the software features

1, intelligent query, free travel

Have strong ability of planning and route inquiry, bid farewell to the lost can. From A to B, will give the best route and the cost of a taxi, there are N alternatives. Support bus, driving, walking, subway four ways to view real-time whenever and wherever possible; Traffic True, the street panorama and indoor map.

2, business booking, caught near idle away in seeking pleasure.

Provide near the hotel, cinema, shopping, delicacy, taxi, Take-out food , attractions, banks and other mass merchants information, including business phone, address, map, comment, a key route planning, online booking; free download Coupon Also, can enjoy the most fresh group purchase discount information.

3, the navigation precision, zero.

The voice search function, help manual input farewell cumbersome, let you drive more safely

Traffic broadcast, broadcast real-time traffic around you at any time to clearly grasp the traffic dynamics, and the electronic eye forecast every road, not to worry about the ticket.

4, pedestrian navigation can be! With a wonderful panoramic view of streets, step

Cover the industry's most complete and most accurate location information, provide free download massive resources. Offline map can see, offline package thin 90%, support online updates, more efficient and more provincial traffic! The navigation data resource package, download free version of the 3D+ satellite map of intersection.

5, awarding points, activity does not stop

Points mall, complete the integration task against the Xpress awards; enter the activity area, participate in new activities, there are more benefits waiting for you to come.

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