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Winwebmail enterprise version (with Fillmore) v3.9.0.7 free registered version Winwebmail crack version download | Winwebmail enterprise version (with registered machine) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Mail server The server

Winwebmail version is a super stable and efficient enterprise e-mail system, this software is designed for the enterprise to solve all kinds of problems to enrich the content of the mail, so that the majority of enterprises to enjoy great convenience, there is a need to use this software to friends as soon as possible to green resources under the net load using it!

Software introduction

WinWebMail mail server is email system in a stable and efficient, to provide professional solutions for enterprise mail system. Support WebMail, digital signature and digital encryption S/MIME (4096 bit or 2048 bit RSA encryption DH/DSS encryption), SMTP, SSL-SMTP, POP3, SSL-POP3, IMAP4, SSL-IMAP4, certificate of service (CA Server), security encryption communication (TLS/SSL), (Anti-Spam), anti spam mail anti virus (Anti-Virus), discussion group (BBS), Schedule management Other functions.


Winwebmail enterprise version features

- provide efficient mail antivirus function, and supports a variety of antivirus engine.

- provide perfect folder sharing function, including: private folders and shared storage folder.

Support IMAP4 service, can operate the messages on the server, support Chinese mail folders and sub folders.

- provide the perfect schedule management function, let you and other users can collaborate together efficiently within the system.

- provide strong discussion group (public folder) function, the system can create up to 9999 different partitions are discussed.

- provide a powerful network hard disk function, it can be divided into directory management, and can add notes document for each network storage file.

- provide a strong level three address book and communication group, including: personal address book / address book / public domain (system) public address book, and support the improvement of the management and the import and export mechanism.

Support SMTP, SSL-SMTP, POP3, SSL-POP3, IMAP4, SSL-IMAP4, WebMail, CA, Server, TLS/SSL, S/MIME, Daytime services, and all related RFC protocol.

Use TLS/SSL standard SSL Protocol (1024 RSA encryption), including the SSL SSL POP3 support SMTP, SSL, IMAP4 security communication services, prevent network interception, which makes the communication more secure.

Support digital certificate service and provide the powerful management functions, can be directly read or write secure mail after digital signature or digital encryption in WebMail (S/MIME). To provide high security strength of military grade (4096 or 2048 bit DH/DSS encryption RSA encryption).

The first question - delivery mechanism, with more powerful multilevel spam defense system and only large post only artificial spam complaints sorting function, let spam completely away from your inbox.

- provide powerful user level virtual mailbox function, so that each user's private folder can be a virtual mailbox to receive mail, to provide independent and for each virtual mailbox automatic forwarding and automatic recovery function.

- detailed voting function can even select a different domain name of the user as the user can vote, and can bind the public folder function, in order to achieve the complete discussion of voting system.

- provide a good Web support, so you can directly through the IE Browser Receive and send e-mail, more powerful Web support remote management services, so you do not need to log on to the server, only IE browser can realize comprehensive management of the mail system.

Provide WebMail development of COM interface, including a variety of objects, methods and properties related to ASP program two times developed to support advanced user WinWebMail system for the.

Update log

1. fixed compatibility issue IMAP4 (compatible with IPad, IPhone, Foxmail 7).

2. fixed regular mail delay B UG .

3. new default dark send function.

4. new mandatory requirements of the client using encrypted SSL SMTP protocol signaling functions.

5. increase the system level off the garbage mail Statistics The letter of the function.

6. Enhanced Mail antivirus function, the new increase of the following Anti-virus software Support: Micro antivirus software, Avast Free Antivirus, Avira! AntiVir.

7. increase the user login WebMail, email is almost full warning function.

8. fixed the display of UTF-8 format WebMail and bug. mail forwarding, in reply

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