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Road riders Apple cracked version (trafficrider) V1.45 iPhone jailbreak Road riders unlimited Gold Edition IOS download | Road riders Apple cracked version (trafficrider) The users score: 8

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The game is introduced

Game label: Highway rider raC

Highway rider cracked version of apple Is a first person Racing game Game player, driving various cool motorcycle free on the track Benz Various types of motorcycles for you. Choice Also, be free to modify their own love of motorcycles. The game screen and sound realistic let you experience the real motorcycle racing gameplay!

Highway riders unlimited gold version of the IOS version of the game:

Highway riders (Traffic Rider) is a first person visual motor raC In the true voice, motorcycle as sound, with making a good 3D environment, it really kind of a car motorcycle Mercedes Benz on the road and in the illusion of response of the operation smoothly.

 Road riders Apple cracked version (trafficrider)

The game features a road rider:

The game is set

In the game, game player will play a motorcyclist, various road walk in the city, in addition, through the real game Traffic The simulation is close to the real game player brings motorcycle riding experience. In addition to bringing near real motorcycle riding experience for the game player, the game was no requirements on mobile devices, and supports 17 languages, including simplified Chinese.

Car model

The game has a high-definition picture quality and the first person riding mode, road racing, Harley motorcycle, scooter and other models to select the professional level in the game. And in the game the system will be based on the game player's speed, overtaking, reverse driving behavior with different degrees of points, and as a game player level judgment.

Game mode

The game is set up a classic model for game player choice, are endless, and free time occupation, driving mode, and single and double track for game player to unlock. Game player can complete the task to collect coins to buy a new car or the transformation of the car.

The characteristics of the system

"Highway rider" also joined the car and set the circadian system, tasks and activities are more abundant for mining game player. Simulation of racing game ten minutes of the game player can go to experience the love.

Software screenshot

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