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Everest Ultimate Edition Chinese green version v5.51 latest version for free Everest hardware detection software green version download | Everest Ultimate Edition Chinese green version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Everest Ultimate Edition Chinese version of the green is a widely used hardware detection software, stable operation, strong compatibility, with powerful hardware monitoring capability, easy detection of various hardware parameters, easy operation, need friends to download it quickly!

Software introduction

EVEREST download can show PC in every aspect of the detailed information, EVEREST Ultimate Edition (3400+) to support thousands of motherboard support hundreds of graphics (360+), support for the detection of these PNP equipment /USB serial parallel / support for every kind of processor detection. Support for every kind of processor detection. Support for remote system information and management, result is derived for the HTML and XML function.

 Everest hardware detection software

Everest green version of the function

1, improve the system stability test module EVEREST

Each processor will use the core to increase the high rate mentioned, CPU, FPU, cache, memory and hard disk pressure; enhance the ability of hardware monitoring, can monitor the temperature, voltage and fan speed stability in the testing process.

2, support Intel four Skulltrail dual core platform and i5400 chipset

Can display every detail of the Intel Skulltrail platform and its component, such as Core Extreme 2 QX9775 processor, Intel D5400XS chipset, Intel Seaburg 5400 chipset; FB-DIMM memory can detect temperature in the Intel 5000/5400/7300 chipset system.

3, upgrade CPU, FPU benchmark

PhotoWorxx, Julia, FPU enhanced CPU FPU Mandel and FPU SinJulia benchmark module supports three core AMD Phenom, Intel Dunnington Xeon six core processor; the detection of AMD Phenom, AMD Barcelona Opteron, Intel Penryn series processor in-depth optimization.

4, the new version supports Everest Chinese graphics technology

Radeon HD 3400/3600/3870 can detect ATI X2, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS/8800 GTS 512/9300/9400/9500/9600/9800 GX2 GPU OpenGL, the new graphics core and DirectX information monitoring; ASUS EN8800GS/EN8800GT special edition card temperature; initial support for NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX.

5, support DDR3 XMP, EPP 2

EVEREST Intel Extreme Memory Profile with display (XMP), NVIDIA Enhanced Performance Profiles 2 (EPP 2) memory technology SPD information, such as clock frequency, delay setting, voltage requirements; high frequency DDR3 memory to support 2133MHz


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