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Software introduction

Software label: Nora 3.5 Nora Qvodplayer

Nora 3.5 upgrade Enhanced version Is a powerful video player software. This version retains the original resource search, fast playback, small memory, running smoothly. Capable of decoding hundreds of audio and video formats, very easy to use! Users need to welcome in the Green Resources Network Download experience.

Software introduction

Our enhanced version of 3.5 is a quasi video on demand (QVOD) core, multi-functional, personalized player software. The software compact, optimized installation package is only 1M, takes very few system resources. Our 3.5 enhanced version integrates new playback engine, video on demand technology not only supports the independent research and development, and is free online. Our 3.5 enhanced version of NAT and high efficiency firewall Penetrating ability, help network users faster transfer speed; support DHT network, when not connected to the Tracker server can access to the data!

 Nora 3.5 upgrade

Our 3.5 enhanced version of software highlights

[playback speed] the bottom edge broadcast, Nora always a little faster

[universal decoding] 600 kinds of mainstream audio and video formats are supported

[King Almighty] on demand, live, local broadcast, you want to see can broadcast

[HD] smooth real 1080P HD playback, give you super viewing experience

The application of characteristic

1. with low resource consumption, simple operation, high efficiency, scalability and strong features

2. easy to use, simple, low resource occupation, high efficiency. Everything, no matter what to see

3. users need only a few minutes directly through the buffer can be a wealth of online video viewing program

5.qvod our life free, not tied to any plug-ins, and constantly update and upgrade

6. support P2P flow drag media playback, support network data flow control

7. support Rmvb, Wmv, Asf, Avi, Mpg, Mp4, 3GP and other 400 kinds of formats

8. original network real-time receiving and playing techniques, direct broadcast support BT seed file

9. the use of multi threading technology and integration of receiving streaming media data, in order to achieve a fast playback purpose

Our 3.5 upgrade version description:

1, the high coverage low version installation task network version is generally not lost, whereas the low version covers installation of high version will be unexpected, it will prompt the installation. At the same time, delete the previous version installed,

2, install the two version of the default version would only run recently installed, if you delete a recently installed fast, so fast we couldn't run and you delete the previously installed fast, has no impact on existing customers.

3, if you want to be a computer can be installed at the same time to run two player, currently Nora also does not support the operation of the two versions of the same computer.

Software screenshot

Download address

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The third floor of Guangdong Dongguan 137844.xyz guests Published: 2015/1/18 23:28:27
Good ha ha ha ha ha

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The second floor of the Hebei telecom users guests Published: 2014/12/30 20:42:32
Good good good

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First, Hunan Xiangtan Unicom users guests Published: 2014/9/17 18:40:27
Is an upgraded version of the original broadcast, want to search what search what you know.

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