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CyberLink PowerDVD 15 32 /64 bit register Powerdvd15 RI | CyberLink PowerDVD 15 registered machine The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: PowerDVD Fillmore

CyberLink PowerDVD 15 ri For the crack Powerdvd15 , PowerDVD Is a leading global HD Blu-Ray player The new version of the PowerDVD, powerful, to bring you the color more vivid color does not affect the viewing experience, enhanced playback engine brings more smooth 4K movie player, now small as we bring powerdvd15 Fillmore, can perfect activation, free to use the software, welcome to download.

Use the powerdvd15 method to register machine

1, first download and install CyberLink PowerDVD 15

2, please don't run after installation! Registered machine "KeyGen" run as administrator of PowerDVD, click on the "Patch" (add hosts shielding validation)

 Powerdvd15 ri

3, and then click the "Serial" (key) copy

 Powerdvd15 ri

4, start PowerDVD 15, pop-up activation window, click "paste" key "activation" can be!

 Powerdvd15 ri

PowerDVD 15 new features

1, more convenient and intuitive TrueTheater enhanced control of video and audio quality beyond all expectations.

2, the new TrueTheater Color function makes the video color more vivid and does not affect the color.

3, enhance the play engine brings smoother 4K movie playback experience.

4, support more exclusive audio output (WASAPI exclusive) format: FLAC, MP3, WAV and WMA.

5, support for playback from lossless copy hard disk or network equipment on the Blu ray disc and DVD (ISO).

6, hardware support for HEVC/H.265 video, to play more smoothly.

7, from the audio equalizer Choice More audio effects preset or manually create audio effects.

In 8, import PowerDVD from the media library and management of TV programs.

9, extract audio from video clips and video into fixed YouTube.

10, editor of music library label to repair the unknown artist and the lost album cover.

11, from the CD to convert the audio and audio into the media library *.

12, by setting the background wallpaper from the definition of PowerDVD UI, you can download or use your own photos to create.

The best time of 13, marking the video, so you always the best part of the play in the memory.

14, the use of real-time thumbnails to more easily browse photos.

15, more intuitive 3D playback options, 3D mode automatically play 3D content.

16, quickly view all video bookmarks, allowing you to quickly jump to the favorite clips.

17, can restore the function of the UI, you can remember when stop video playback position in the next time you start PowerDVD.

18, the increase of video transcoding and streaming support from news lianyungang.

19, share with friends and family in news photos in Lianyun storage link.

The PowerDVD 15 version of the introduction

Standard standard version supports DVD/HD video, 5.1 channel audio, DLNA (DMS), free PowerDVD Remote V2 with remote control tools, the price of $49.95, 330 yuan.

Pro Blu ray Edition: 2 (no stereo 3D Blu ray), $79.95, 520 yuan.

Ultra Ultimate Edition: complete Blu ray (Blu ray support stereo 3D), 3D photos, cloud services (the first year free 10GB), UltraViolet DLNA (DMS/DMP), account number, 7.1 channel audio (5.1 channel AAC), Power Media Player Android/iOS/Windows with free 8.x, the price is $99.95, 650 yuan.

Live Ultimate Edition: 10GB cloud free cloud space, and optional upgrade 20/50/100GB (1GB $1 per year), and changed to a subscription model, $14.99 per quarter, 99 yuan, $44.49 per year, 279 yuan, as long as we can subscribe Clock Get the latest version.

With the above registration machine can perfect activation!

Decompression password:

Software screenshot

Download address

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