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Ink weather IOS version of the v7.7.6 version of iPhone Ink weather Apple download | Ink weather IOS version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: moji The weather is app

moji IPhone version Will let you see every day the weather on Apple's mobile phone, the moon and the message allows you to easily understand, are able to predict future weather every day, do the most comprehensive service, and are not afraid of wind and rain, convenient operation, easy to use!

The official introduction

Is a free weather information software. According to the Chinese people to weather information query habits, combined with the mobile phone operation and display the characteristics of design optimization. Concise style, comfortable operation, vivid animation, detailed weather information so that the ink weather has a high availability.

 Ink weather Apple version download

The characteristics of the software

1. independent special weather forecast, not carrying any unnecessary things in a clean manner!

2. excellent visual animation, who said a lot of S60 graphics and iPhone, use this.

3. server filter compressed data, in order to save traffic, each update to download data of less than 1kb.

4. real time temperature, display the current temperature of the city! Stay at home to know the cold outside.

5. detailed information, in every time less than 1KB of data, including day and night 5 days forecast. With the wind to the wind speed, humidity, weather description.

6. do not take a variety of desktop, desktop applications in conflict with each other, long time wasting power and flow show desktop. Ink weather, do not use the desktop.

Function introduction

Daily details: sunrise and sunset dynamic display, night and day in my hands.

Weather feedback: feedback you see the weather, everyone is a weatherman.

The air quality index: Air interface index upgrade Within five days, hourly forecast precision.

24 hour weather forecast: the weather trend of streamlining the page, refer to the heart.

Update log

The version of 7.7.6 2018.11.21

[snow desire chant, swept through the branches of the plum blossom play]

The new [function]

Part B - repair UG Experience, more smoothly

AQI air quality page optimization, you need to pay attention to

The version of 7.7.5 2018.11.20

[the reciprocating several cold, thin wooden rocking half empty green yellow]

The new [function]

The new Japanese maple leaf area - forecast, the ink in the hand, go

Optimization of system operation, more comfortable

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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