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The latest version of the official v2.0.6 HHCALL network telephone HHCALL official download | telephone network HHCALL network telephone The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: HHCALL Telephone network

HHCALL Telephone network Is a computer terminal Internet phone software, providing high-quality voice call service for you, Internet phone software is the most stable, the most expensive tariff, open the software a key to dial the world any country and region number, convenient simple and quick, need to try it!

HHCALL phone software:

HHCALL phone is a high quality Internet phone software call, using the latest speech engine, ensure HD calls, support for the latest web broadcast system, easy to use, super cheap, 6 China charges per minute, is a call to the most stable, the most expensive network telephone charges.

 HHCALL network telephone

HHCALL Internet phone software function:

Computer telephone call

Through computer + headset, with the whole world and regional mobile phone and landline, recharge concessions, tariff as low as 4 cents / minute!

The user management function

Provide a new user background management interface for users of consumer details, your package information, account balance and so on, at a glance.

Mail list function

All contacts encrypted data is stored on the server, safe and reliable, and never lost; anywhere can access the Internet, can view and edit the mail list whenever and wherever possible.

Call recording, multiparty functions

HHCall network telephone set, to help you easily record at any time instant voice chat process, aftertaste. At the same time with more people at the same time the phone, a conference call

"Direct dial function

Do not download and install the software to the local computer, we only need to open the web page to install the control dial, after the call to any country around the world in the phone, convenient, simple and practical.

Mobile phone dial function

Do not open the computer can easily and quickly call only need to download and install the mobile phone client, in the Internet network conditions, you can dial any phone all over the world countries and regions, as well as computer software function!

Software screenshot

Download address

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