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CS CS1.5 genuine single hard disk version CS1.5 Chinese | download version of the official Counter strike CS1.5 genuine The score: 8

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Game label: CS1.5 CS CS1.5

Counter Strike CS1.5 How to download? CS CS1.5 single version Bring Chinese finished version of the installation package program for their game player. This Shooting game Very famous, has strong entertainment, is a challenge game shooting game in high coefficient. Love the game player come green resource network to download it!


CS CS1.5 is a very famous shooting game, the game early game module developed by valve shooting game "half life", later evolved into Independent game "Counter Strike", the game is divided into terrorists and guardians of the two camps in the game, game player will in each bureau began to obtain the corresponding money, and then use the money to buy weapons to gain the victory of the battle, the types of weapons and types of games are optional very much!

CS CS1.5 game features

CS in the game focused on the game entertainment at the same time, did not neglect the authenticity of the game. In the fierce shot, as long as the game player vital parts of the body (head, chest) shot it, it will immediately die -- even if you're wearing a bulletproof vest and helmet, there is no guarantee that you will certainly be able to escape the "one shot". Game player in the battle "killed", will not be in the game "rebirth", you can only play the role of a spectator in the next game, until the end of time or a party to victory. In other words, if a player is fully eliminated, the other party will automatically win. When the game ended, all still online game player will move on to the next scene or repeat the game scene, winning in the first battle of the game player who can get more money (reward amount will depend on the performance of the fighting game player now and they lost), one can get a small amount of money to buy equipment. More money, the natural party can obtain more sophisticated weapons and armor, and a little money...... The game design this "rich get richer, the poor are getting poorer" is to let those "good courage in order" in the game game player using the brain, rather than blindly rush and die in vain, in order to fundamentally improve the gameplay and strategy.

 CS1.5 Chinese version

Although the use of CS is a Half-life original Game engine However, Valve is still in some key parts to elaborate "polishing", while the weapon system is undoubtedly one of the most dazzling flash point in the game. Game player in CS can not see all the settings of some traditional FPS games in all sorts of strange things "future weapons", all weapons are derived from the real world. Moreover, the role of the game are reproduced in the weapon in the hands of 3D map real gun: shiny metallic luster, black light, rifling end sharp, clear outline of the body structure and muzzle thrown out a variety of different shapes of the flame will make "love gun family" was very excited. And, more importantly, can according to the weapon configuration and the game player was the hands of different change at any time in the game: his identity as a sniper or become fire. It depends on the understanding of the game player of team spirit.

Although the Valve Software is still not out of date (the final game may never have listed the date of issue, just for the TFC game player who use the free download), a film (many people speculated that Valve will launch a "half life" the task of the CS version, as a kind of TFC) and other game player concern the factors of making any official statement. But one thing is for sure, multi team game mode will become the development trend of a network game and popular TFC has been well proved this point, and CS is not in the film when it has "carry forward" of this game mode. At this moment, I suddenly had a strong hunch, "fortress" II is likely to become a milepost multiplayer team mode in the history of the game. Let us wait and see.

Code Complete

Note: only in sv_cheats 1 (that is, and you are allowed to use the server. The server can use the following command)

Command description

The give spaceweapon_awp sniper rifle

The sv_aim sniper rifle automatic aiming

Sv_gravity 800 -999 - 999999 (normal gravity change is 800)

Lambert -1.0001 night vision

The 999 way is up cl_forwardspeed

Cl_backspeed 999 back up

Cl_sidespeed about 999 translational acceleration

+reload automatic reloading

-reload turn off automatic reloading function

Mp_c4timer C4 set the bomb initiation time 1 - 100

Sv_clienttrace 9999 startup super automatic aiming function

Impulse101 money increased by 16000

Crosshair 1 when shooting 1 - 5 quasi heart amplification

Gl_zmax 3600 bullets or wear ability to see through walls and obstacles in 0 - 9999

Function key note

Buy menu B buy all items

Buy direct purchase of auxiliary equipment auxiliary equipment O

Buy buy the main weapons and ammunition, weapons and ammunition

The purchase of handgun ammunition. The purchase of handgun ammunition

Change your team M team in the middle of the game, will die (suggestion after the death of another change)

Throw away the hands of the existing gun G to pick up the gun on the ground to the existing hand gun away.

The standard call button Z common call command team

Call key command team X team

The call button C the corresponding command Report Report

On / off night vision N purchased a night vision after using the key

Forward W

Back S

Left translation A

Right translation D

Squat CTRL

Jump blank

Targeting the mouse

Shooting the left mouse button

The special functions of the right mouse button weapon some weapons have special functions (such as muffler, sight)

Loaded R whenever there is no enemy is best when loaded

Paint spray on your LOGO T

Use the E key to boot off command hostage, etc.

Hold this button after walking SHIFT to walk without sound but slowly

F flashlight in a dark place for lighting

The main weapon class 1 main weapons are usually used to combat

Type 2 pistol type pistol

3 special operations tool tool

Class 4 of every kind of grenade grenade to buy one, use this button to select

Figure TAB shows online state view character ID, PING, homicide, death data

According to the I space after the display task can be cancelled

For all people of all people who speak Y to enter it in the game can be seen

The staff speak only the U people can see

Game description:

Operating system: WinXP

CPU:500 MHz

Memory: 128MB

Hard disk space: Download + installation needs 723.4MB free space (download: 233.1MB, installation: 490.4MB)

Graphics: DX9.0/10.0

Memory: 32MB

Operating environment: DirectX 9 and 10

Xiaobian help

In order to help you to experience more CS1.5 content, green resource network also provides download maps, plug-ins, CS1.5 model.

CS1.5 map: Http://www.137844.xyz/k/cs15map/


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