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The top 163 NetEase registered mail v2.1 Green Edition The top 163 registered mail | machine The top 163 NetEase registered mail machine The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Registered mail mailbox

The top 163 Mail registration machine Is a specialized NetEase registered 163 mailboxes for batch tools. Completely free software, can quickly batch registered 163 mailboxes, also can be opposite the password and nickname set, very practical. Quickly download experience!

The top 163 NetEase registered mail machine software

1, basically is to use, but can not buy the right, then yourself, before that gadget is also out in such a situation, in fact, I did not want to do such a thing, so business The software you need to understand that if you do things that all commercial responsibility is to have any relationship with me;

2, technology very vegetables, will only use the most simple Easy language So, no software packers, no encryption, you love how to play on how to play, a lot of So software will be reported to kill poison, your own measure, I can promise is "non-toxic pollution-free, green and environmental protection "The decision on your own.

3, do not intend to sell them, so now for free, free will, but the ability to update it really couldn't make any promises, so while can be used quickly by.

 The top 163 NetEase registered mail machine

The top 163 registered mail machines.

1, dial settings recommended settings for each registered 3 for a IP;

2, dial the waiting time is set to 15-30 seconds between the proposal;

3, integration of the two cloud code platform, personal love code rabbit, the code is relatively fast, if you think there are other platforms is relatively easy to use, can tell me when the next update may be integrated into;

4, submit suggestions Choice "Send" order";

5, currently only supports ADSL for IP, IP for other ways to make up for the follow-up;

6, to be stable, please do not use the computer to do other work colleagues in the process of registration;

7, the software directory "zcjl.txt", the default records all successfully registered So account, if encountered during software unexpectedly quit, don't worry, you open the file all successfully registered an account will not run in here;


"ErrorLog.txt" is the error log file, if the registration fails, you can use this file to see the author

At present, the software efficiency is not high, if you one day with numbers in the 1000 words, the single run should not be a problem

No software packers, no encryption, Anti-virus software Easy to poison

Decompression password:

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