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Mobile phone Tencent v7.3.3 official version of the Android 2019 application treasure Application treasure 2019 download the latest version of the mobile phone version of | Mobile phone application treasure 2019 Tencent The score: 8

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Software introduction

Mobile phone software Application treasure Two thousand and nineteen Tencent is the official application treasure 2019 years of the latest version, designed for Android users to create mobile phone The app store Android, with massive software and Mobile Games, also provides function of garbage collection, system optimization, but also provide a variety of different types of software download address, is a very powerful The application of the market Hurry to shop, green resources network download experience!

The official introduction

The application of treasure (Android) is a Tencent application center to build the mobile phone application, game download platform, is committed to provide users with high-quality, rich management experience, Download Security, personalized Android software game resources and a one-stop, full coverage for users to download, management, collection, sharing, social entertainment and other diverse needs.

 The latest version of the application treasure

Application treasure function

Massive applications and games

New daily, game player and recommended topics such as columns, give you more fun application

The application of personalized recommendation

Guess you love the new program, intelligent recommendation more in line with your favorite application

The community of friends to share

You can add a personal center module, the application of love collection, or to share with friends

To improve the performance of software

Optimization of software performance, enhance the overall browsing and downloading speed

Tencent application treasure 2019 characteristics

Rich mobile phone application

Provide rich massive applications, games and other products and services to download the application treasure for mobile application users, fit all types of mobile phone platform, mobile terminal.

Download full service

The application of treasure through mobile phone website, mobile phone client and other forms, for China Mobile Application of users to provide all-round, multi platform mobile application download service.

Excellent user interaction

With wireless Internet quality of user groups, user activity, relying on QQ and mobile phone massive user base, to create rich and colorful user interaction for mobile application users.

 Mobile phone application treasure Tencent

Software quality

Application treasure to provide mobile applications and services through software testing, strict virus scanning Operators, provide various application list and recommended for users, to ensure that each user access security, high-quality mobile applications and services.

Fast service

All users to its value, to provide sincere and efficient customer service, and strive to create intimate, comfortable, happy and healthy mobile application service platform for users.

Common problem

The application of treasure in the "shake" is what?

Shake is a constantly updated "guess the application list you love" by shaking the way that the application treasure mobile phone.

"Management" is what?

The main function of management module is installed in the mobile phone application management update, unloading, installation location, memory usage and power consumption, to meet the basic needs of user application management. In addition, long press operation support management templates, long press menu contains some practical small functions, welcome to use.

Update log

V7.3.3 update:

A 1. increase in the comment area reporting function

2. optimized update page part of the experience function

V7.3.1 update:

1. optimized submit comments when commenting on the region's experience

2. optimization of some details of the experience

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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First, Chinese netizens guests Published: 2014/11/12 22:00:13
The stuff inside is rich, the interface is not very nice

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