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DLL file editor (resource hacker) v5.1.6 official simplified version Chinese Resource hacker download | DLL file editor (resource hacker) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Resource hacker is a very good use of DLL editor, use the software to edit the content files, rename files, support encryption, Chinese interface display has the advantages of simple operation, welcome to download the use of green resources!

Resource hacker official introduction

Resource Hacker, a very powerful resource viewer, and compile Decompile tool ! ResourceHacker native free advertising, mainly for the executable program resource editor, view, compile and decompile etc.. This compact resource compiler and decompiler, replace the resource modification tool is simple and practical, can open any type of Windows executable file (*.exe, *.dll, *.scr, *.mui and so on), you can add, modify, or delete these file resources, you can create and compile the resource script file (*.rc), you can also edit resources file (*.res).

 Resource hacker

The function of resource hacker software

1. see the Win32 executable files and related resources (*.exe, *.dll, *.cpl, *.ocx), has been compile and decompile the format can be.

2. add new resources to the executable file. Allows an application to support multiple languages, or add a custom icon or bitmap (company logo etc.) to program dialogue.

The 3. amendment (replace) executable file resources. Image resources (icons, pointers and bitmap image files) can be appropriate (*.ico, *.cur, *.bmp), *.res files, or even another *.exe file replacement. Dialogue menu, string table, accelerator and message table resource script (and Borland forms) can be achieved through the use of internal resources to be edited and re compiled script editor. Resources can also be replaced with a *.res file, as long as the replacement of resources and it is the same type and have the same name.

4. extraction (save) resources to file (*.res) format, as binary translation, or as a resource script or decompile the image. Bitmap, icon, menu, dialog, pointer, string table, message table, accelerator, Borland forms and version information resources can be fully decompiled for their respective formats, either as images or text file *.rc.

Delete 5. resources. Most compilers add applications will never use the resources to the application. Remove these do not use the resources can reduce a large application.

Update log

Fixed: display multi byte character font editor is not correct

Fixed: the compiler improper handling of the "\x00" vague escape character.

For example, the original "\xA9copyright" + "opyright compiler for \xA9C".

Now the "\x00" format is used for byte characters and "\u0000" multi byte character.

Fixed: error handling #define instruction

Fixed: error handling statusbar alignment of the dialog resource

Fixed line number: when the disconnect between editors and binary view exchange

Fixed: relative path name is destroyed

Fixed: analysis of some #include file error report is not correct

Fixed: use the command-line script to extract the wrong problem

Add: multi line comment / *... * / support

Update: now you can open and save resource files

Add: context to help expand and add internal links

Software screenshot

Download address

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