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Software introduction

Software label: QQ expression package

Jacky Cheung Diffuse violent expression package Is a very mischievous QQ Expression package, the hero is one of the four kings of Jacky Cheung, who is the king in his music and film have a high achievement, also in the expression circles also very famous, Xiaobian to sort the hammer die you a 2B, quickly come to me here, WiFi, you do get out the calf, hum! I do not play with you, can you walk, dead handsome handsome can't sleep, tired face, favorite friends as soon as possible to download network resources using the green!

Jacky Cheung introduction

Jacky Cheung, born in July 10, 1961 in Hongkong, Hongkong Chinese male singer, actor, graduated from Hongkong college in Chongwen English. 1984 was the first Hongkong eighteen districts amateur singing contest Championship debut. In 1985 the first album "Smile". A 1993 album "goodbye" annual sales of more than 4 million, breaking the Mandarin music record sales in Taiwan. Since 1995 for two consecutive years won the world music award the world's biggest selling Asian pop singer award. In 1998 ninth Taiwan Golden Melody Award for Best Mandarin male singer award. In 2000 ten Chinese Golden Lily award. 2004 issued the first personal album "Life Is Like the A Dream". 2006 get IFPI Hongkong sales music award 10 sales local singer award. 2010 12 30 April to 2011 years 12 months 29 days, held "the Jacky Cheung 1/2 century world tour", breaking the 12 months tour audience number Guinness world record. 2013 won the 10 Chinese Golden Melody Awards to honor the anniversary of 35. Jacky Cheung sang a variety of musical styles of songs, tried R&B music style, jazz and opera singing songs to explain.

Usage method

1. download and unzip the file expression package,

2. then Choice .eif file name suffix,

3. can be used directly into QQ expression.

Software screenshot

Download address

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