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Intelligent mobile phone software v1.2.5 version of Android STC treasure STC app download | zhinengbao Bao STC intelligent mobile phone software The score: 8

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Software introduction

Bao STC intelligent mobile phone software Is a mobile phone Online retailers Management software, collocation modern high-tech, let users through their own customized to the needs of all kinds of high-quality service, more convenient to promote from consumers and businesses to communicate, users need to download it fast green resource network!

Zhinengbao STC official introduction:

Zhinengbao STC is located in business, intermediary service platform, docking Apps businesses are to provide high-end goods and services for offline businesses. At the same time for consumers but also has a certain pursuit of quality and consumption capacity of the population. The purpose is the interface between consumers and businesses, consumers through the Apps you can find the best quality goods and services.

  Intelligent treasure official STC software

Intelligent mobile phone software STC treasure:

1, grasp the latest information, "Andy" rolling display news headlines;

2, a good topic for a good article, topic and article to share with you - you are most concerned about the topic, please see the "today" and "wonderful article" two sections;

3, praise and criticism, timely harvest - jump to the topic, this article details page, can view the comments, also can reply, Give the thumbs-up ;

4, services more complete, more powerful ---TAB bar "and" new news "found" two columns;

5, the message module query more convenient - before the "message" module at the bottom TAB bar, the content is divided into individual, team, order, system, click on the corresponding message details, you can view;

The advantage of software:

The company is committed to build a stable, efficient, convenient and transparent financial services through the application of science and technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and Big data Technology, to provide users with stable income in the financial investment market trading strategy.

Intelligent treasure products combined with operation team and investment market is stable and reliable, overcome individual investors knowledge technology is weak, can not be a long time to stare, not discriminate the investment market and other issues. BI was selected to match the qualification, ability for individual investors to the capital operation team and good stability of the investment market. And provide various types of advantages of financial products, so the market perplexing moment at a glance, as individual investors assistant, realize the dream of self financing.

Software update:

The overall optimization of 1.APP

2. "news" column optimization

The 3. discovery section optimization

Software screenshot

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