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The sun a key ghost hard disk version 2018 official v11.2.2018.1608 64 operating system A key ghost hard disk version 64 download | Sunshine is a key ghost hard disk version 2018 The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: A key ghost Ghost

Onekey Ghost Hard disk version 64 Is a x64 system running on the system backup and restore software. This software can be fully functional, important data backup system, and supports batch delete junk files! Users need to quickly download it green resources network.

Onekey Ghost Hard disk version 64 introduction

A ghost is a hard disk version for 64 bit WindowsXP and above all platform GHOST system backup, restore, to DOS Hold-all The hard disk version, PE system, network clone, reinstall the system functions as a key GHOST software. Convenient for families, factories, Internet cafes, computer shop installed single or multi machine environment system backup and installation.

 A key ghost disk version 64

Sunshine is a key ghost disk version features

1. quick installation, only 1-2 minutes; unloading completely, leaving no junk files, safe and pollution-free green.

2. a key backup system to prevent deleted image processing, so that they cannot be deleted or malicious virus.

3. new WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 support system, and the GRUB4DOS menu can guide the local Windows or ISO image.

4. / volume support compression and GHOST auxiliary parameters to meet the custom, CD and RAID and other special needs.

The 5.GHOST kernel 11.2/11.5 and IDE/SATA interface hard disk partition format switch, automatic recognition of FAT/NTFS.

6. does not destroy the original structure of the system, not to retain the BIOS and hard disk sector write any data, no division of hidden partitions.

7.WINDOWS (mouse) / boot menu (arrow keys) / boot hotkey (K key) multiple start scheme by you Choice .

The 8. version is especially suitable for no floppy / no CD-ROM / USB interface / unattended desktop / Laptop / server.

9. even if the setup is accidentally deleted, CD / can also use the same version of USB version recovery.

10. allows staff installed (/ network management Customer service ) by setting the limit function, only allow users to "recover" not allowed "backup".

Update log

V2018.06.08 update:

Increased before DOS execution backup or restore the backup and recovery date display recently

Add a USB disk can not identify solutions

Update DiskGenius to 4.9.6

Change C to 30G space that limit effective possession

Update personal file transfer tool to 1.8,

Add folder item or a total of more than 1G when prompted

Change the default check non C folder, in order to reduce the transfer time

Increase to help document the common problem is I - > - > - > Management Tips

Fixed some small BUG

Software screenshot

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