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11 game platform v1.2.7.0 the latest version of the official 11 battle platform official download | 11 game platform The score: 8

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The game is introduced

Eleven Battle platform Is a focus on electronic Sports games The battle platform. There are a variety of electronic games, such as: DOTA, 3C, Chenghai three, million people online battle against external system more powerful, to ensure the fairness of the game. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

11 battle platform introduce

11 battle platform is A lot of games The carrying platform and reputation in the university campus, the inside of the DOTA can be said to be a classic, although the Tencent agent for lol dota is very popular, and was replaced by dota2, especially the 11's new ganker is a symbol of war in ancient China, more classic, can go out to play, 10v10 wonderful. This platform is very good, is the occasional stuttering, delay a little bad.

11 battle platform based gaming game player needs to build the main server, 000 room, anti cheating and other extreme gaming experience, 11 battle platform game development: DotA, Imba, OMG, Dota6V6, three, Chenghai, Nobunaga wildness, Ninja village war Wow, RPG, EF, Imca, and the independent development of the ultimate firepower and a symbol of war in ancient China.

11 battle platform features


1, double the Internet: 11 battle platform ad hoc double area, support all telecom and China Netcom together game player for the game, not to worry about Internet problem, even the campus network can support, is a major breakthrough in history.

2, no plug-in: 11 battle platform using the server automatically established technology is immune to all external, not do not hang, the quality of the game, clean up the DOTA starting from 11 battle platform!

3, world of Warcraft system crash rate is low: 11 official server building owners, basically to avoid Warcraft The system crashes.

visual angle

4, speed: million room guarantee no longer crowded room of the weekend game player in a bitter, ready, the game can start automatically!

5, live event system: the upcoming live online game platform, each viewer can view switch free OB, you decide! (similar to the GG platform WTV function)

6, the dropping rate shows: 11 battle platform can clearly display an escape rate, i.e. the number of seconds back in the game, the more the number of seconds back, the higher the rate of escape.


A landing interface

 11 battle platform official download

After successfully registered 11 platform account, please Choice The correct login server. The 11 battle platform support Telecom, Netcom, education network login. Of course, you can also use the pass or visitors.
Two, the main interface platform

 11 battle platform

1, above the platform provides many functional buttons for game player the game, watch live, around the community, but also convenient for users to access the official website, forum And on the platform set;
2, the platform left part lists the current platform to support the game, click after entering the large region game;
3, enter the game area, you can see the area list, we all servers are deployed in the nation's major cities, in order to meet the demands of the game game player. If you double-click the room who can enter the room;
4, after entering the room, you can double-click on the host, or click on the lower right corner "create a game" button;
5, the right friends / guild bar, you can search through the game interface or add friends later. Remember to use the tracking function of friends oh.
Three, wait for the game interface

 11 battle platform official download

1, wait for after entering the game interface, you can see the game data, all teammates and opponents of Ping value and good hero;
2, on the right game board, if you are the owner of the room, name, password, enter the game mode, limit set;
3, the right interface switch freely, can query the map and record personal information, or invite friends to play together;
4, the lower right to concentrate all the operation button, you can prepare, exit or start the game.

Update log

V1.2.7.0 update:

1. friends system upgrade To enhance the stability;

2. anti hanging version upgrade program;

The 3. kind of dress dress repair abnormal props;

4. other known BUG repair

V1.2.0.7 update:

1. Webpage Game function optimize;

2.IMBA version of the hero skin on the line;

3. denier double preheating active line;

4. other known BUG repair.


Download address

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