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QQ (QQDownload) v4.8.771 tornado 2015 official version QQ official download | cyclone Cyclone 2015 (QQDownload) QQ The score: 8

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Software introduction

QQ cyclone 2015 allows you to experience the speed of download fun, full of fun use effect, so you can download various files without advertising, support all kinds of download protocol, let you enjoy the network file download!

The cyclone QQ

P2P technology is based on the Tencent launched the download tools, support HTTP, BT, Emule download protocol, at the same time, greater support for free download offline, offline transcoding speed, compared to Thunder More rapid, portable. According to the theory of black or white, is a good tool to download, it is worth using.

 The official QQ cyclone

In addition, 4 in the running speed of QQ cyclone, Browser Support, support download protocol also has obvious optimization, hope the new QQ cyclone can let you find everything fresh and new not only in appearance, more in the performance and use of the experience for the new feeling, bring a smooth speed!


The bottom edge broadcast

HD video can also play in the download, convenient and online video.

A more comprehensive download protocol support

More than ever the download protocol support, and provide services to accelerate the unique cyclone.

Download speed reborn

In speed, capacity, traffic is no longer a problem, QQ members can enjoy everything.

Compatible with almost all browsers

The cyclone can be opened in almost all browsers, including 360 browser .

More light, still no advertising

Four years focused on the download service, regardless of how the Internet is changing, the same dedication to clean.

The availability of cyclone space

Ready access to cyclone space Web version, or use QQ video Direct playback of video.

QQ cyclone can not close the boot from the start problem:

This is the case, there may be in time to modify the settings of the QQ, the operation of the registry to cyclone caused.

The reason may be the high security level, Security software Prohibit etc..


taste On trial Administrator privileges to run QQ cyclone, modify settings and save.

If you still can not solve, can be manually modified:

1. open registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Run, you can see all startup items;

2. remove the QQDownload corresponding to the Key,

3. in the whirlwind and then re set.

Update log

Cyclone v4.8.771 (2014.09.26) QQ

1. repair several crashes, such as delete tasks when collapse

2. repair some cases of abnormal withdrawal led to the task list lost

3. optimization of BT download module, improve download performance BT

QQ cyclone 4.7 (769) (2014.08.18)

Repair installation The chrome plugin In some cases the problem is not available

Download the game installer error correction problem

When the temporary file download repair did not remove the problem

Some repair may lead to the collapse of the problem

Optimization of download, solve some due to the download problem domain name hijacking

Some other advantages of interface display

QQ cyclone 4.5 (759) (2014.01.16)

Optimization of the cloud player experience, no need to download, play immediately

The BT task support cloud player

Fixed some problems, strengthen the stability

QQ cyclone version 4.3 beta (746) (2013.4.11)

To fix the problem, enhance the stability of

QQ cyclone 4.3 (745) (2013.4.2)

Offline Download upgrade For the download speed, faster, more can accelerate the download file

Offline download upgrade space for the cyclone space, 10 times expansion, the opening of membership can be obtained in 100G space

Repair the download speed after the trial, the slowdown in the part of the file

Fix some crash problems

QQ cyclone 4.2 (743) (2013.2.21)

The new batch task Optimization: the greater the file address editing area, new task window can be stretched, according to file type display

The shortcut menu added quick speed function

The problem of repair, enhancing the stability of 30%

QQ cyclone 4.2 (739) (2013.1.4)

New offline tasks share directly to the QQ group (suspended) function

Fixed the BT task schedule problem of zero after a pause

Fixed some cases BT seeds failed to upload problem

The new offline BT retrieve new folder function

The optimization of each list can be arbitrary frame selection function

QQ cyclone 4.1 (734) (2012.11.13)

The new trial function off-line acceleration 90 seconds

The new batch operation: new batch / import task processing batch off-line task

Mark not yet downloaded offline tasks

At the same time to support the new task to save offline space, accelerate the direct download task

Increase the total download speed display cyclone

Increase skin translucent effect

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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