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Storm 3D player version v5.62.0808 official version Storm 3D version of the official download | Storm 3D player version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Kmplayer 3D version Is a free video player software. This version for users of 3D version of super clear viewing effect. Provide 2D to 3D function, operation support video segmentation. Bring you the ultimate TV viewing experience! Welcome to download.

Software introduction

Storm storm laboratory version 3D version can play 3D movie! Storm 3D version is designed for users to enjoy the 3D storm video program development Video player ! Users need to download network resources using fast green.

 Storm 3D version

Storm 3D player version features

1, support 2D real-time 3D

2, visual support exchange and depth adjustment

3, support and so on 3D video segmentation

4, to support the red and blue color, red and green color of two kinds of 3D display mode

Storm video player software 3D version features

The speed : speed start engine, realize the second speed start storm

The left eye: technology patent technology, using CPU and GPU to improve the image quality effectively

Online HD: SHD patented technology, 1M bandwidth, 720P smooth playback of HD video

Smooth playback: the use of advanced P2P framework, online play stable and smooth, fast

Film skin: a new architecture storm movie skin, pleasing viewing experience

Universal playback: MEE media expert patent technology, to achieve universal playback, and integration, storm transcoding

To update the content

1, the official new installation interface;

2, optional support to open the storm;

3, remove the collapse of interface;

4, from online upgrade ;

5, the removal of the lower right corner of the pop-up ads Flash;

6, the removal of background download advertising;

7, remove the buffer when playing advertising;

8, shielding Choice The main interface of the large advertising images of skin;

9, optional installation free box and storm storm transcoding;

10, optional Association commonly used video file format;

11, check the default start with Windows, suggesting that tariff;

12, increase the storm when unloading can delete playlist file cache.

Software screenshot

Download address

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First, Hainan Sanya telecom users guests Published: 2014/9/16 12:12:51
"This is the 3D version of the 3D, can enjoy the movie los!

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