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Master Lu (ludashi) v5.15.18.1060 green version of the latest version of a single file Master Lu download single file | Master Lu (ludashi) Green Edition The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Master Lu

Master Lu Green version Is intelligent management a download can be quickly protect the security of your computer, the computer can monitor the use of the environment, protect the security of computer, users need to download it fast green resource network!

Brief introduction of Master Lu file version:

You can master Lu system to detect the full range of optimization, the soft and hard all. Including hardware detection, vulnerability repair, computer monitoring, performance testing and optimization, a key clean-up, drive upgrade "Seven big.

It is suitable for all kinds of brand desktop, notebook computer, DIY computer, the key components of real-time monitoring, computer hardware information, effectively prevent hardware failure, let your computer from trouble.

Master Lu (formerly: Z weapons) to help you quickly upgrade security patches, bug fixes, system optimization, a key clean-up, driver updates. The experience of computer hardware applications more temperature monitoring to bring you more stable.

 Master Lu green version

Master Lu green version of the function:

Most of the non - streamline necessary documents, made into a single file, easy to carry

Removal and installation process tips" 360 security guards "And" 360 antivirus "Option

- removal 360 master drive (a Mydrivers and The drive of life Enough)

- remove the upgrade file, automatic updates and advertising into the forbidden

To avoid playing the self checking software, file integrity prompt error detection

- removal" micro-blog "I share, maintenance card text button

Removing the upper right corner of logo Click to open the page behavior

Remove right "- wireless sharing"," Mobile phone recycling The new machine "and" recommend "button

Remove the top - "driver management", "clean up optimization" and "mobile phone run" button

Remove the excess - menu options, leaving only the "set" and "about"

Removing the upper right corner of the "feedback" and" forum "Text links

Software update:

1, the only drives the corresponding INF file for the OEM at the beginning of the DriverUnload and delete inf files

2, added MSI format driver support after the result if the specified INF file driver with parameters, the problem of incorrect installation

3, if the hardware does not provide driving home does not display hardware

4, the power consumption of the processor increases following calculator support: AMD Athlon II X4 631/620e, X3 455/460, Intel Core i7 2670QM, 2675QM, 2700K

Software screenshot

Download address

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