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Samsung Samsung SCX 4x21 series printer driver v4.1 latest version Samsung SCX 4x21 printer driver | official download Samsung Samsung SCX 4x21 series printer driver The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Samsung Printer driver

Samsung SCX 4x21 series Printer driver Is a powerful official Samsung driver, including a printer, scanning Instrument, to scan the computer part of the driver, detailed installation steps, the operation more easily, need friends to download it quickly!

Driver installation method:

1, Download decompression, get Samsung scx3400 printer driver;

2, make sure the printer device is turned on, then the USB is connected with the computer cable;

3, double-click the EXE file decompression good according to the prompts to install;

4, after installation, the best computer restart can be used normally.

 Samsung SCX 4x21 driver

Problem analysis:

1 - the first to confirm whether connected to the printer; as is the next step;

2, whether the connection line is not fully connected; after checking, the next step;

3, whether the installation of computer printer driver; not to install by the next step;

4, whether used or prohibit the optimization program to start, please reply set. Then see what reaction and prompt.

In the "format description (size)" enter a custom paper size, note the metric unit is cm, rather than Windows 98 In 0.1mm, do not mistake.

Finally, click "save format", after the completion of the first point, "closed", you can normally use custom printing paper size in the Windows under XP.

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