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Lenovo Lenovo lj2200 printer driver for win7/xp Lenovo LJ2000 printer driver download | Lenovo Lenovo lj2200 printer driver The score: 8

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Software introduction

Lenovo LJ2000 Printer driver Lenovo LJ2000 is black and white laser printer driver installation program. If you want the computer to normal and Lenovo LJ2000 printer, you need to install the driver, a friend in need, please take it!

Lenovo LJ2000 printer is introduced

Type of laser printer

Maximum print A4

Black and white print 22ppm

Resolution 2400 * 600dpi

Material type drum powder separation

 Lenovo Lenovo lj2200 printer driver

The memory of 8MB

The first print is less than 10 seconds

The network does not support network print print

Double-sided printing manual

The input volume 250.

Interface type USB2.0

Lenovo LJ2000 printer driver installation method

1, unzip the file package, found Lenovo LJ2000 driver

2, the printer is connected with the computer, and then open the printer

3, select the desktop computer, right click the find device management implement

4, found with an exclamation point and then right-click the printer icon, update the driver

5, find the decompression path can be installed

Software screenshot

Download address

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