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Acer shortcut driver (launchmanager) v3.0.02 free version of the official Acer laptop shortcut driver download | Acer shortcut driver (launchmanager) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Shortcut driver drive

Launchmanager application is the official launch of Acer notebook computer shortcut driver, the driver, the user can customize the shortcut key function, easy operation, need friends to download it to the green resources network!

Software introduction

Launch Manager ACER is a company set up shortcut tool for the development of laptop users, users can use the default program to launch hotkey, such as ie, e-mail, you can also customize the relevant procedures, to achieve quick start!

 Acer laptop shortcut driver

Installation steps

1, first of all he decompress.

2, and then into the uncompressed folder, Choice Double click on the "setup.exe".

3, and then you can enter the installation interface, we choose "next"

4, and then choose the default installation path can be, and then click on "next"

5, again click "next" to confirm the installation.

6, after the installation, click "close" to close the window.

Software screenshot

Download address

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