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WIFI sharing wizard 2015 v3.0.1009 official version WiFi sharing wizard to download the latest version of | WIFI sharing wizard 2015 The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Sharing Wizard

WiFi sharing Wizard Support XP, Win8, Win7 operating system to open WiFi hotspots, the computer turned wireless router, mobile phone free internet!

WIFI sharing wizard is a perfect solution to set up a wireless hotspot notebook laptop, realize the issue of sharing the software products to help users do not know what WiFi is, no solution to the wireless router, a key to easily enjoy the notebook computer into a WIFi hotspot, WIFI feel the fun experience of internet.

The new kernel, add Windows 8 support based on the old version, and there is no need to install additional drivers, reduce the risk of blue

The new engine, more intuitive operation, error correcting mechanism of new, reduce the failure rate

WIFI sharing wizard can install a laptop computer, Win7 Vista and XP simulation of a wireless router, wireless access point. The formation of a wireless virtual network, mobile phone or laptop can let WIFI share WiFi hot spots, supports 32 bit and 64 bit Win7, XP and Vista system.

The characteristics of the software:

1, single hole cable interface, multi laptop Internet sharing
2, WiFi equipment / notebook, netbook, WiFi hotspot sharing
3, router, wireless local area network construction
4, the wireless network relay function, extending the propagation distance wireless hotspot.
5, a new kernel, add Windows support in 8 based on the old version, and no additional installation of drivers, reduce the risk of blue
6, the new engine, more intuitive operation, error correcting mechanism of new, reduce the failure rate

Wifi sharing wizard uses the method:

1, whether the detection of computer wireless card, ensure the environment can support the software
2, from the WiFi sharing wizard website www.wifigx.com download software, and then extract, double-click the setup, start the installation
3, the beginning of the installation, click next.
4, modify the installation directory, Choice Software installation folder, and then click Next
5, choose a good software installation disk, click OK
6, click OK to continue the installation.
7, create a WiFi shared shortcut wizard, click Next
8, to continue the installation, select additional tasks, click next.
9, the preparatory work has been ready, click to install
10, software installed on the computer
11, the installation is complete
12, double-click the WiFi sharing wizard icon to open the software, you can run
13, the software interface (the annotation for digital can be modified, hot name and password can be set)
14, click start after the software modification,
15, start, please wait patiently
16, the software was successfully started, the start-up success tips, when your computer becomes Free WIFI Hot spots, can share the internet.
Software installation after a successful start, if your mobile phone supports WiFi on the Internet, then you can achieve free access to the Internet through WiFi sharing wizard.

Mobile phone search using WiFi method:

The first 1. in the main menu to find the set of a set, and then open the wireless network and click
2. and into the wireless network, open the WLAN search signal, hot hot name set name is used above the WiFi sharing Wizard
3. need to enter the password password is hot
The 4. WLAN is connected to the hot set can free Internet.
Mobile phone search hotspot, mobile phone software will appear on the interface of the host name and IP address, your mobile phone is connected to the hotspot, free internet access.

Update log:


To fix the problem

Remove the WiFi sharing wizard interface private and share button

To solve the open boot failure cannot modify the name and password of hot issues

New features


WiFi sharing wizard mobile phone to search how hot?

If it is XP system, mobile phone is Android system, because the XP kernel does not support wireless WPA2, Android mobile phone does not support ADHOC mode, so your mobile phone to search hotspot, you can change the win7 or mobile phone computer patch (the official patch is not recommended, the best computer for win7 to create hot spots). If you are win7/win8, you just put "sharing model" into WPA2 mode can be shared.

For more details see: Http://bbs.jprjb.com/thread-18153-1-1.html

WiFi sharing wizard starts not how to do?

You can manually shared network. The network adapter in the network according to the right you are "Networking" on attribute sharing to the virtual network card, and then start the software can. When starting the error code, take the corresponding methods to solve the problem according to the different boot code.

For more details see: Http://bbs.jprjb.com/thread-18214-1-1.html

The error code for solving: Http://bbs.jprjb.com/thread-20101-1-1.html

WiFi sharing wizard open how to do?

Open computer management service Windows Firewall, select the service, right click on the selected attribute, automatic start, software can be identified in the open.

For more details see: Http://bbs.jprjb.com/thread-119-1-1.html

Software screenshot

Download address

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