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The 2004 version of the computer version Chinese violent motorcycle Moto 2004 official download | violence 2004 Chinese violence motorized version The score: 8

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The game is introduced

Race Stunt Fight! Motorcycles 2004 Chinese version Is an experience in computer terminal machine Racing game . This game can be run directly in the stand-alone mode, provides a competitive scene mode rich gameplay, super exciting and very challenging. Hurry to Green Resources Network Download experience!

The game is introduced

Violent motorcycle 2004 is a classic fun racing raC The launch, developed by EA. In addition to the game than the speed, also joined the fight can play, with fists, weapons to attack others, achieve the objective of winning.

Game settings:

In the official version, you can use all 5 tracks, 5 games, 8 level multiplayer.

1, the game promotion system, you must get the top three can enter the next level of the game in every track on each level.

2, if the police encounter, and they can slow down on a stem, vent vent!!!

 Moto 2004 computer version of violence

3, the background music is set to mute, experience the engine sound effect.

4, if you think your car is too slow, you can load the installation directory "game" in the game files, these I have "money" has been modified, and has purchased the car the fastest speed, to experience the thrill of! (Note: load the file, most options in "game settings" can change, such as the game player name, key settings. But" Choice People don't change, once again chose people, money, car and the level will fight back to the prototype ").

Key description:

1, the small keyboard + and - key can be used to speed up and slow down the game "about" information scrolling speed.

2, in the game, Pause Break suspension, Esc exit, the other button can be configured.

3, the "accelerated" function (the default is N), the [3] function only when you buy an expensive car will have (on the dashboard as red indicator), but you can get through the use of cheats. This function is typically used when the car is started (including re start up after the fall), you can make the car to achieve "quick step" effect. Of course, the car can also be used in the process of moving.

Game play skills:

In the game process of the first correct type XYZZY if you enter the correct name, this time (game player name) will become yellow, said this has enabled the input function cheats, then you need to type the following corresponding cheat codes:

K THUNK: get stick!

THWACK: Iron whip!

SPOON: accelerate the function!

YES, OCCIFER: kill police

BRIBE role: to bribe the police, traffic police on duty on the road to reduce the number of

PLUGH: disable Cheats (game player name changed back to white)

(Note: the above cheats input case insensitive)

Matters needing attention:

The code must be completely correct input, because the input secret code is not displayed on the screen.

The best when you crash or fall back to the car this time of cheats input, as if in the course of normal driving input, way to Guzhe drive, and also enter the cheats, very troublesome. (personal opinion)

When you have a "stick" or "iron whip", sometimes your hands with the rival of fierce fighting in the arms may be taken away, then you only need to input the corresponding.

"The secret police kill" is not good, only to kill a group of police time, but also do a good time.

Other cheats

1, during the game, press the numpad 8 + Num Lock + Back Space (backspace) button allows you to automatically advance into the car, no longer need to press the "forward" button. (please note: to cancel the cheats, to delete the system page file.)

2, under the Data Cars folder freely renamed, after any track in addition to any other motorcycle outside the vehicle will not occur again.

3, during the game, press the V button to view the game version; press F10 for instrument panel switch / show / hide motorcycle; small keyboard + keys for game changing background color map.

Huaping problem

Because the game is relatively old, so the win7 system of the support is not very good, in the part of win7 will appear on the computer Huaping problems.

To run this game, first import the registry


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