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Software introduction

Canon ip1000 Printer driver It is designed for the driver's Canon ip1000 printer to create, support up to Windows 7 operating system, the lack of driver might normally use this printer, there is a need to download free!

The canon ip1000 printer

Canon iP1000 in addition to the appearance of the color, and did not find other more PIXMA, the technology seems to have been in use in the design of XNU series, put it in the PIXMA series may be because Canon wants to allow more users to experience the value of the brand, at the same time also is the supplement of PIXMA Series in cheap models the. But there is no doubt that iP1000 high price is very attractive to ordinary home users, but if it is put on the black cartridge, put some black and white printed in a small office, that is also a good Choice .

 Canon ip1000 printer driver

Driver installation instructions

1. install the driver before you turn off the printer;

2. double click download the file, the driver will automatically install, follow the on-screen prompts Chinese;

3. when the screen prompts "power on", open the printer;

4. if after installing the driver cannot print, please unplug the USB cable, automatic generation system using the "copy" printer. Or try to replace the USB cable.

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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