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Canon Canon bjc-4650 Printer driver program Is a driving tool can effectively solve the problem of Canon Canon bjc-4650 inkjet printer that appeared to support the windows system commonly used, need friends can download to come to the station!

 Canon bjc4650 driver

Canon bjc-4650

Product positioning: color ink

Printing speed: 360cps

The highest resolution: 720dpi

Print language: resident printer control mode LQ Epson LQ--2550 simulation (color printing); BJ Proprinter model IBM X24 simulation; Canon expansion mode

Interface type: IEEE-1284 parallel port

Media type: ordinary paper, ink-jet printing paper (Canon inkjet printing paper LC - 301), coated paper (paper Jia Nenggao resolution HR 101 (European) envelope DL or US No.10) film (Canon special film CF - 102) light boxes (BPF) (Canon lamphouse piece BF - 102)

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