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HP HP 3670 official version of the scanner driver HP Scanjet 3670 download | HP 3670 driver HP scanner The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: HP drive Scanner drive

HP HP 3670 Scanner drive Is a solution scanning Instrument operation problem of the official drivers, support windows7 and Windows XP operating system, users download can be installed directly double-click, need friends to download it to the station!

HP Scanjet 3670 main parameters

The design of type of flat

Scanning element CCD

The optical resolution of 1200*1200dpi

 HP 3670 driver HP scanner

The maximum resolution enhancement of dpi resolution up to 999999-

Scan paper (ordinary, inkjet, photos, newsprint, magazine paper), transparent materials (35 mm slides, negatives, transparencies), 3-D objects

The scanning range of 216mmx297mm

The scanning speed of only 44 seconds: 4 x 6 inch photos to Microsoft® Word; 41 seconds: OCR pages L; 27 seconds: 4 x 6 inch photo to email

The pre scan time of 10 seconds

The 100 light source performance to 240 Vac (50 to 60 Hz (input); according to the configuration) 12 Vdc, 1.25 A output to meet energy star standards

Color number 48 bit

Transmission interface USB

The scanner size 464x286x82 mm

The scanner weight 2740 grams

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