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The latest version of v2.1.0 wireless broadband client China Telecom China Telecom wireless broadband download | Wireless broadband client China Telecom The score: 8

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Software introduction

Wireless broadband China Telecom Is the Internet dial-up tool by the China Telecom launched a fast, fast automatic dial-up link network, Internet records Broadband speed At a glance, easy access to the Internet more convenient. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

China Telecom introduced wireless broadband

Wireless broadband is wireless Internet dial-up client software to provide you with the China Telecom. You can achieve WLAN, 3G and 1X wireless broadband network access through the software, more convenient to enjoy Internet service China Telecom.

The new version of the new V2.1.0 wireless broadband client authentication function, the function of the hotspot information query WLAN packages using information query functions, allowing you to surf the Internet more comfortable and convenient.

Users of wireless broadband products, containing the UIM card on the card is inserted into the corresponding computer interface, click on the wireless broadband wireless broadband client (WLAN) connection, the use of the card in the UIM card information can access authentication to access the Internet, without the need to enter a password of WLAN account.

 China Telecom wireless broadband download

Use wireless broadband authentication

Using condition:

Insert the computer on the card UIM card, use the client WLAN connection, WLAN did not enter the account password in the client

Client: 2.1 above

Use upgrade The following model after the card or the latest factory on the card:

HUAWEI EC169, EC1260, EC8189, ZTE AC2726, AC2910, WM2080-110, power network 1916, age DLINK, DWM162-U5, CT_HTW_D002 and so on, see information on the list of the nic.

Software screenshot

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