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Software introduction

Neptune video is a otaku resource search artifact, Neptune video player has a strong cloud player and precise search method, and support a variety of formats online, enjoy the smooth playback experience, and all the popular movie resources, like friends do not miss!

Brief introduction of Neptune video software:

Neptune is a video player can provide a variety of video playback software for mobile phone users, super video feeds many different kinds of users with selected various popular movies, hit TV series and so on all have come Oh, heart of green resources network to download it!

 Neptune video player

Neptune video player features:

1, a unique cloud smooth HD playback engine, online play

2, supports a variety of online resources, seed cloud player

3, cloud search and integrated cloud player Universal Television Software

4, powerful cloud search, precise search network video resource

5, support a key global Internet search any movie resources

Common problem:

Question 1.: how to use cloud player?

Answer: if it is to search the content, you can double-click the online cloud player. If your computer is above the seed file, please seed file into Neptune video, online cloud player

2. Q: Neptune video search what movie?

Answer: no limit the search content, can search for any movie, do not block any movie, want to search, want to see the real universal video software

Question 3.: how to search video resources?

Answer: the search box in the Neptune video, enter your search terms, click search, you can search the global video content, the search range without borders between the scope of the search for global Internet resources

Question 4.: whether to search in the movie video Neptune can be saved in your computer?

Answer: Neptune video not only supports online play, also support the search to the movies stored on your computer. The movie, right click, Choice Save, can be permanently stored in your computer.

Software screenshot

Download address

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