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Kyushu pen tablet driver V6.0 official version for free A pen tablet driver download | Kyushu Kyushu pen tablet driver The score: 8

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Software label: Kyushu pen Tablet driver

Kyushu pen Tablet driver The official launch of the computer is a driver, can help the tablet to work properly, to maximize use, users download can be installed according to the prompt, simple operation, need friends to download it quickly!

Kyushu pen driver introduction

This pen tablet Kyushu drivers to the latest version, download after decompression based on computer system Choice The language for the installation, enter the installation program, please refer to the computer system you choose to install simplified or traditional Chinese handwriting recognition system. And follow the prompts to complete the installation. This requires computer restart, click on the desktop icon after the computer starts to start writing software.

 Kyushu pen tablet driver

The handwriting board

Handwritten drawing input device is an input device of the computer, is the most common tablet, and its function is similar to the keyboard. Of course, basically confined to input text or painting, also with some of the functions of a mouse.

In the daily use of tablet, in addition to the text, symbols, graphics and other inputs, can also provide the cursor positioning function, thus writing board can replace the keyboard and mouse, become a kind of independent input tool.


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