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The game is introduced

Legend of Sword and Fairy 5 (PAL5) Is the "sword" series of sixth Works, the most classic domestic game Xian Xia theme RPG. Game Project Phoenix The perfect show, Xian Xia wind; super cool skills, there are many Fit Sophisticated technology, special effects. Eternal legend, legend of the fans should not miss ah!

The game is introduced

" The Legend of Sword and Fairy 5 "By Daewoo information's soft star technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has produced a home-made single Chinese role playing computer games.

This is the "Legend of Sword and Fairy" series of sixth Works, the theme of "desire", "Legend of Sword and Fairy" takes place in the original plot after more than 30 years, and the nature of the work out of the "Legend of Sword and Fairy five" episode. In addition to the game itself, and three DLC, respectively for "phantom" "tonight" daimon "dream" on her.

The characteristics of the system

Repair system

Each character of each attribute urgy corresponds to a repair, repair only reaches a certain value to use new skills, values will affect the power to enhance the effect of repair magic attribute. In addition, when the repair value exceeds 1500, can also be added a variety of special effects, and the additional effect of every kind of magic are not the same.

Seal system

Seal skills is Jiang Yunfan exclusive skills, click the "seal", and then select the target, can seal the enemy. After the success of the state seal seal, killing the enemy can be obtained "sign". The seal has a chance to be obtained, the special attributes of the enemy can not be sealed.

The operator can be used for equipment, increase the role of property and ability. A black and white symbol shape icon of the equipment in the equipment list, you can click after Choice "Post match", posted at the match after the success of shape becomes bright icon. Another click equipment on the edge of the character shape icon, right click to remove your character. "Queue" interface identifier is also similarly, right click off match.


In the game to use, must meet three conditions: 1, the corresponding action role comprehension punch technique. 2, the current battle in each role gas is not less than 50. I figure 3, in the current battle Head portrait In a continuous action.

Click "close", appeared your game, according to the green mouse picture appeared in the left and right keys, click on the mouse button. At the time the red punch launched after the click error does not affect the use of punch, but right click on the effect of the additive effects of punch.

Operations Guide

Legend five part of the game details (the following is the official July 30, 2010 Blog The original excerpt, change)

Mode of operation in line with the general public, keyboard and mouse operation support

Fighting against a sense of rhythm and fast, hit significantly

Attack: magic, skills, diversity, punch summons, seal, etc. support and with the destructive effect Goods are available in all varieties. scene.

Super gorgeous spells, special effects skills show, and a new interpretation of the classic legend series of moves

BOSS is no longer a drug war of attrition, the abnormal state of the special guarantee to be startled at

Automatic battle can be preset AI, convenient and human nature

Screenshots of the game (15) rich story line, and the main plot and interlocking

The game system is rich and interesting, the synthesis refining, spells, four spell repair and so on, and even BOSS strokes can be our school

A maze of various kinds of interesting decryption organs, explore the maze not only Daguai

From the first draft to the modeling, figures after several modifications

Anti aliasing technology of full screen, smooth character

Limb movements to vivid and natural, vivid

Using real-time lighting, screen performance more brilliant

Ultra high quality through the CG animation, perfect to show the climax of the plot

Combination of 2D and 3D face expression animation shows more perfect story

The rich magnificent scene, and joined the teenage, snow, wind and other climatic effect

Flowers and leaves swaying in the wind, showing the natural landscape

Using normal maps, show the real texture of weapons, costumes, scenery

Sweet music by participating in a variety of well-known RPG Taipei senior music teacher Pro build

The game can be archived (plot stage except) and have automatic archiving function.

Configuration requirements

CPU Intel Pentium4 2.4Ghz or AMD Intel Core2 Duo 2.3Ghz the same processor or AMD same processor

1G 2G memory

Card nVidia 6600 (256M) or ATI the same card nVidia 8600 (512M) or ATI the same card

operating system Windows 2000 Windows / XP/ VISTA / Win7 (simplified version Chinese)

The DirectX version of DirectX 9.0C

Hard disk space 7GB

CD-ROM / DVD-ROM sound card (download non essential) Direct / Sound compatible sound card

Mouse and keyboard operation equipment

32 color quality

The screen resolution of 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024, 1280 x 720, 1280 x 800

1366 x 768, 1440 x 900, 1680 x 1050, 1920 x 1080


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